Analysis Seminar Innsbruck, Austria,
November 29–December 1, 2013


General Information

This meeting was traditionally organized by the Functional Analysis groups at the Universities in Linz, Prague and Salzburg. This year it will for the first time take place in beautiful uphill Tirol at

Tiroler Bildungsinstitut Grillhof, Grillhofweg 100, 6080 Igls-Vill

which is situated on the outskirts of Innsbruck at the elevation of 890m.
Our main speakers will be

Prof. Dr. Boris Kashin, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow


Prof. Dr. Hermann König, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel.

We plan several informal lectures and fruitful mathematical discussions.

 Taxi transfer from the train station


Christian Bargetz and Eva Kopecká, Universität Innsbruck


1 Ambrozie, Calin Grigore Romanian Academy, Bucharest
Bargetz, Christian Universität Innsbruck Austria
Baumgartner, Florian Universität Innsbruck Austria
Cooper, James Bell Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz Austria
Fleischner, Herbert Technische Universität Wien Austria
Fabian, Marián Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague
Czech Republic
Geiß, Christel Universität Innsbruck Austria
Geiß, Stefan Universität Innsbruck Austria
Holický, Petr Charles University Prague Czech Republic
Kashin, Boris Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Kiener, Konrad Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz Austria
Kirchheim, Bernd Universität Leipzig Germany
König, Hermann Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel Germany
14 Kopecká, Eva Universität Innsbruck Austria
Kubiś, Wiesław Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague
Czech Republic
16 Kühn, Thomas Universität Leipzig Germany
17 Kulikova, Tatiana Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
18 Leobacher, Gunther Johannes Kepler Universität in Linz Austria
19 Lusky, Wolfgang Universität Paderborn Germany
Maluta, Elisabetta Politecnico di Milano Italy
21 Malý, Jan Charles University Prague
Czech Republic
Molnár, Lajos University of Debrecen Hungary
Müller, Vladimír Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Czech Republic
Ortner, Norbert Universität Innsbruck Austria
25 Racher, Gerhard Universität Salzburg Austria
26 Šemrl, Peter Univerza v Ljubljani Slovenia
27 Speight, Gareth Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa Italy
28 Staggl, Gregor Universität Innsbruck Austria
29 Tišer, Jaroslav Czech Technical University in Prague Czech Republic
30 Zanco, Clemente Università degli Studi di Milano Italy


The conference takes place at the Tiroler Bildungsinstitut Grillhof, Grillhofweg 100, 6080 Igls-Vill. Some of the particiapants are accomodated at the Hotel Alpina in the center of Igls. Please find these locations tagged in the map below.

Analysis Seminar Innsbruck 2013 auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Taxi transfer on Friday, November 29

We have arranged a taxi transfer from the train station to the conference cite for the participants who sent their arrival data to us. The Taxi cab will depart at 18:00. It will be waiting at the parking lot behind the train station.


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Contributed talks are scheduled for 20 minutes with 10 minutes break in between.

Friday, November 29
before 18:00 Check-In at Grillhof or at Hotel Alpina (Igls)
18:00–19:00 Arrival at Grillhof
19:00 Dinner at GRILLHOF
Saturday, November 30, Morning Session
08:45–09:45 Hermann König: On extremal measures of sections and slabs of the n-cube
09:45–10:00 Coffee break
10:00–10:30 Peter Šemrl: Adjacency preserving maps
10:30–11:00 Marián Fabian: Projections in duals to Asplund spaces made without Simons’ lemma (Ch. Stegall’s approach)
11:00–11:30 Lajos Molnár: Transformations on positive definite matrices preserving distance measures
11:30–12:00 Gareth Speight: Porosity and Differentiability
12:00 Lunch
Saturday, November 30, Afternoon Session
17:00–17:30 Wiesław Kubiś: Universal operators between separable Banach spaces
17:30–18:00 Thomas Kühn: Approximation numbers in Sobolev spaces—sharp constants and tractability
18:00–18:30 Clemente Zanco: Point-finite coverings of Banach spaces
18:30–19:00 James Bell Cooper: Analysis in the space of observables
19:00 Dinner
21:00 Florian Baumgartner (jazz piano): Jazz evening
Sunday, December 1
09:00–09:45 Boris Kashin: On some estimates of n-term approximations
09:45–10:15 Bernd Kirchheim: On contractions and isometries
10:15–10:30 Coffee break
10:30–11:00 Christian Bargetz: Common Schauder bases for spaces of smooth functions and distributions
11:00–11:30 Stefan Geiß: On decoupling inequalities in Banach spaces
11:30–12:00 Hermann König: Khintchine type Inequalities
12:00 Lunch


Conference Photo

Conference Photo

Photographs of the talks

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