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Present position:

Senior scientist
Head of working group "Ciliate ecology and taxonomy"

Research area:

Protist ecology, biodiversity and taxonomy in lakes



+43 512 507-50243

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Employment History

  • September 1, 2012 – present:
    Senior Scientist
    at the Research Department for Limnology, Mondsee of the Leopold-Franzens-University of Innsbruck (LFUI) and head of the research group ‘Ciliate ecology and taxonomy’
  • 2011 – August 31, 2012:
    Senior Scientist at the Institute for Limnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and head of the research group ‘Ciliate ecology and taxonomy’
  • 2000 – 2011:
    Post Doc
    Research Associate at the Institute of Ecology at the LFUI

  • 2000:
    Guest researcher
    at the Institute of Zoology in the Lab of Prof. Wilhelm Foissner, University of Salzburg, Austria

  • 1998 – 2000:
    Doctoral thesis
    at the Institute of Zoology & Limnology at the LFUI

  • 1990 – 1998:
    Diploma in Biology at the Institute of Zoology & Limnology at the LFUI



Our research group focuses on protist ecology, biodiversity and taxonomy in lakes. To understand the autecology of especially ciliates in planktonic food webs, we study these protists on an alpha-taxonomic level including morphological, molecular and ecological approaches. We also focus on microbiomes especially in mixotrophic algal-bearing ciliates. For details and ongoing research projects see

Organisation team



FG Sonntag

FG Sonntag, v.l.n.r.: B. Sonntag, N. Gogoleva, U. Koll, A. Potekhin, C. Spanner,
T. Pröschold, M. Juti Owuor, J. Kannler, Foto: S. Wanzenböck

Former members

  • Mario Aigner (2021, MSc)  "Fraßdruck von Fischlarven aus dem Coregonus lavaretus Artenkomplex auf Ciliaten", supervision together with Wanzenböck, J.

  • Fabian Sommer (2021, MSc) "Man-made mountain reservoirs: ciliates in human-influenced habitats", supervision together with Tartarotti, B.

  • Daniela Frantal (2020, MSc) "Integrative taxonomy: morphology and molecular phylogeny of the genus Urotricha (Prostomatida, Ciliophora)", supervision together with T. Pröschold

  • Christian Spanner (2019, MSc) "Endosymbiotische Süßwasseralgen und ihr Ciliaten-Wirt Paramecium bursaria: Morphologie, Phylogenie und Ökologie", supervision together with T. Pröschold

  • Anna Binder (2019, MSc) "Identification of indicator ciliates (Ciliophora, Alveolata) in water quality assessment: an integrative approach", supervision together with T. Pröschold

  • Daniel Rieser (2019, MSc)  "Systematik, Morphologie und molekulare Phylogenie der Gattung Coleps (Prostomatea, Ciliophora) und deren Endosymbionten, supervision together with T. Pröschold

  • Laura Nachbaur (2017, Diplom) "Planktonciliaten als Modellorganismen im mikrobiellen Nahrungsnetz des Mondsees. Das Leben im Wassertropfen forschend erlernen" supervision together with B. Kammerlander

  • Barbara Kammerlander (2017, PhD) "Diversity and ecology of ciliate communities in alpine lakes of contrasting transparency", supervision together with R. Sommaruga

  • Daniela Pöll (2014, MSc) "UV-Schutzstrategien des heterotrophen Süßwasserciliaten Balanion planctonicum"

  • Geoffrey Ong’ondo (2014, PhD) "Molecular microbial eukaryote diversity in five Rift Valley lakes and description of three ciliate species from Lake Bogoria, Kenya" supervised together with J. Boenigk



  • Concert of trumpets: next generation taxonomy of Stentor - FWF PAT 8010623 (Jan 2024-Oct 2027)

  • Next Generation Taxonomy: Ciliophora and their bacterial symbionts as a proof of concept - EU - Horizon 2020 Marie Curie Actions - Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) University of Pisa, Italy, PI Giulio Petroni (Jul 2021-Jun 2025)

  • Aquatic Symbiosis Genome Project, Subhub of PI P. Keeling (University of British Columbia) ‘Ciliates as models for symbiosis: using genomic analyses of functionally diverse symbiotic associations with parallel origins to gain insights into basic evolutionary principles of symbiosis’ – Wellcome Sanger Institute and Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (started in Oct 2020)

  • Pan-European Lake Sampling - Microbial Eco-genomics Czech Academy of Sciences, Biology Centre CAS, Budweis, Czech Republic; PI Rohit Ghai, Michaela Salcher (Jan 2020 – Dec 2024)

  • Freshwater endosymbiotic algae and their ciliate hosts: morphology, phylogeny, ecology - FWF P 28333-B25 (Apr 2016 - Mar 2021)

  • Co-occurrence networks in aquatic food webs: ciliates as models, D-A-CH funded by the FWF = Lead Agency, I22380-B25  (Sept 2015 - Sept 2020)

  • ‘Ultraviolet radiation effects on planktonic freshwater ciliates: an assessment of photoprotection and repair strategies’  (FWF), P21013-B03, Feb 2009 – Nov 2013





  • Spanner C., Darienko T., Filker S., Sonntag B., Pröschold T. (2022). Morphological diversity and molecular phylogeny of five Paramecium bursaria (Alveolata, Ciliophora, Oligohymenophorea) syngens and the identification of their green algal endosymbionts, Scientific Reports 12: 18089, doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-22284-7

  • Sommer F., Sonntag B., Rastl N., Summerer M., Tartarotti B. (2022). Ciliates in man-made mountain reservoirs. Front. Environ. Sci. 10:903095. doi: 10.3389/fenvs.2022.903095

  • Sonntag B., Frantal D., Kammerlander B., Darienko T., Filker S., Stoeck T., Gruber M., Pröschold T. (2022). Widespread occurrence of two planktonic ciliate species (Urotricha, Prostomatida) originating from high mountain lakes. Diversity 14, 362

  • Frantal D., Agatha S., Beisser D., Boenigk J., Darienko T., Dirren-Pitsch G., Filker S., Gruber M., Kammerlander B., Nachbaur L., Scheffel U., Stoeck T., Qian K., Weißenbacher B., Pröschold T., Sonntag B. (2022). Molecular data reveal a cryptic diversity in the genus Urotricha (Alveolata, Ciliophora, Prostomatida), a key player in freshwater lakes, with remarks on morphology, food preferences, and distribution. Front. Microbiol. 12:787290. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2021.787290


  • Qu Z., Forster D., Bruni E., Frantal D., Kammerlander B., Nachbaur L., Pitsch G., Posch T., Pröschold T., Teubner K., Sonntag B., Stoeck T. (2021). Aquatic food webs in deep temperate lakes: key species establish through their autecological versatility. Molecular Ecology 30(4):1053-1071, doi.10.1111/mec.15776

  • Pröschold T., Rieser D., Darienko T., Nachbaur L., Kammerlander B., Qian K., Pitsch G., Bruni P., Qu Z., Forster D., Rad-Mendez C., Posch T., Stoeck T., Sonntag B. (2021).  An integrative approach sheds new light onto the systematics and ecology of the widespread ciliate genus Coleps (Ciliophora, Prostomatea). Sci Rep 11: 5916,

  • Forster D., Qu Z., Pitsch G., Bruni E.P., Kammerlander B., Pröschold T., Sonntag B., Posch T., Stöck T. (2021). Lake ecosystem robustness and resilience inferred from a climate-stresses protistan plankton network. Microorganisms 9: 549, doi: 10.3390/microorganisms9030549


  • Sonntag B., Sommaruga R. (2020). Effectiveness of Photoprotective Strategies in Three Mixotrophic Planktonic Ciliate Species. Diversity 12:252, doi.10.3390/d12060252

  • Spanner C., Darienko T., Biehler T., Sonntag B., Pröschold T. (2020). Endosymbiotic green algae in Paramecium bursaria: A new isolation method and a simple diagnostic PCR approach for the identification, Diversity 12(6):240 doi:10.3390/d12060240


  • Pitsch G., Bruni E.P., Forster D., Qu Z., Sonntag B., Stoeck T., Posch T.  (2019). Seasonality of planktonic freshwater ciliates: are analyses based on V9 regions of the 18S rRNA gene correlated with morphospecies counts? Frontiers in Microbiology: Aquatic Microbiology 10:248. doi: 10.3389/fmicb.2019.00248


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  • Sonntag B. (2016). Unseen worlds: microscopic lake plankton fuel food chains and befriend algae. Scientia PDF

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Popular scientific contributions

  • Sonntag B 2010 „Hochalpiner Sonnenschutz“ (Zukunft Forschung, 01/10, p. 14-15) PDF



  • 2010 Award of the ‘Foundation of the South Tyrolian Savings Bank’ dedicated to R. Sommaruga for the publication: Sommaruga R, Sonntag B 2009 Photobiological aspects of the mutualistic association between Paramecium bursaria and Chlorella. In: Endosymbionts of Paramecium (M Fujishima, Ed.), Microbiology Monographs 12, Springer Verlag, Berlin, Germany, 111-130

  • 2009 ‘Kanadapreis’ of the ‘Canadian studies centre of the LFUI’ for the publication: Sonntag B, Strüder-Kypke MC, Summerer M 2008 Uroleptus willii nov. sp., a euplanktonic freshwater ciliate (Dorsomarginalia, Spirotrichea, Ciliophora) with algal symbionts: morphological description including phylogenetic data of the small subunit rRNA gene sequence and ecological notes. Denisia 23: 279-288

  • 2007 Award of the ‘Theodor Körner Fonds zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Kunst der Kammer für Arbeiter und Angestellte’ for the project ‚Ciliates in Piburgersee’

  • 2006 Special science award of the province of Vorarlberg, Austria

  • 2006 Grant for my Ph.D. thesis from the province of Vorarlberg

  • 2005 ‘Dr. Otto-Seibert-Award to fund scientific publications at the LFUI’ for the publication: Sonntag B, Foissner W 2004 Urotricha psenneri n. sp. and Amphileptus piger (Vuxanovici, 1962) n. comb., two planktonic ciliates (Protozoa, Ciliophora) from an oligotrophic lake in Austria. J Eukaryot Microbiol 51: 670-677


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