We offer extensive support during your pre-publication period
  • advice and assistance in draft creation
  • list of economically efficient print offers and final edition
  • front page, cover and imprint design in the iup corporate style – naturally with authors' consent
  • innsbruck university press ISBN-number configuration
  • personal support at the University of Innsbruck
We take care of advertisement and distribution
  • innsbruck university press ISBN-number configuration
  • obligatory sample shipping
  • index registration of available title (VLB) (
  • registration in publishers’ and the University of Innsbruck online library catalogue
  • evidence of publication with online-bookstores ( und
  • advertising strategy:
    • flyer production and distribution
    • internet and order placement online
    • distribution of review samples to scientific magazines and journals
We would like you to have the following information available on our first meeting:
  • title and brief content of your publication
  • if possible, estimated number of print run, design, range and color design
  • envisaged publishing date
  • financial plan (financial faculty resources, third-party-funds, sponsors, etc.)
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