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Modelling of squeezing phenomena in anisotropic rock
Foliated rocks such as micaceous schists are particularly prone to anisotropic creep. This fact may cause severe problems of squeezing when driving deep tunnels, especially when the tunnel axis is not perpendicular to the foliation planes. A rational approach to the prediction and assessment of squeezing as a process in time and, therefore, also pertinent experimental results are still missing. Starting from a simple approach to anisotropic creep/relaxation we investigate its implications for tunnelling by means of numerical simulations.

Researcher(s): A. Blioumi, A. Kirsch

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Investigation of face stability of shallow tunnels
Tunnels with low cover are very often headed using the shield technique in order to prevent excessive ground movements during tunnel advance and to secure a safe working environment for the support works. Therefore the correct application of a face support pressure is of great importance.
In this project the stability of the tunnel face is investigated by means of laboratory experiments and three-dimensional finite element computations.

Researcher(s): A. Kirsch

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A modular finite element environment for implementation of material laws in geotechnics

Researcher(s): W. Fellin, A. Ostermann, M. Mittendorfer

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Slope stabilisation with soil nails

Researcher(s): D. Renk, D. Kolymbas

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Dimensioning of cable car pillar foundations in glaciers

Researcher(s): W. Fellin

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Process analysis and prediciton of mass movements

Researcher(s): B. Schneider-Muntau, W. Fellin

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Comparative evaluation of a positioning system for avalanche victims

Researcher(s): W. Fellin, A. Heilig

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Researcher(s): D. Kolymbas

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Cultural Heritage Protection against Flood

The CHEF initiative aims at preventing moveable and immoveable cultural heritage from damage caused by flooding. Risk assessment and emergency measures as well as damage evaluation and restoration and repair techniques are considered in the frame of the project.

Homepage: CHEF

Researcher(s): D. Kolymbas, A. Blioumi, M. Holzmann

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