Mobility in the Teacher Training Programme

  What can I gain from a study period abroad?

  • a broader horizon – in your specialist field and in your personal life
  • a new international circle of friends
  • new perspectives on and insights into your subject
  • better general and subject-specific language skills
  • a knowledge and understanding of other educational systems
  • greater independence and self-confidence
  • opportunities for self-awareness outside your familiar surroundings
  • understanding and appreciation of other lifestyles and languages
  • lots of valuable and positive experiences

Entry requirements

  • At the time of entry you must have completed the first year of your foundation course in the field of study relevant to your Erasmus study period
  • Knowledge of the language of instruction
  • Undertake an online language test before beginning the course and at the end of your period abroad (EN, FR, SP ...)
  • A nomination to your home country is not considered desirable by the European Commission and takes the lowest priority. Putting a distance of at least 200 km (as the crow flies) between you and your home community will ensure that you achieve genuine mobility. Exceptional regulations apply to South Tyroleans
  • Students from abroad must give evidence of a residence in the place of study (area surrounding Innsbruck), as a nomination to the home country is not possible for commuters


You should obtain information from the Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator for your field of study:

This will also give you details of the application criteria and the specific closing dates for applications

General facts about Erasmus+

  • Up to 12 months per study level (also for repeated study stays)
  • Grants: EUR 360 – 460 dependent on the host country
  • 80% of the funding will be paid before the start of the Erasmus stay and 20% following completion
  • All EU member states plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Serbia and Switzerland (financed from national resources)
  • Stays of 1 semester or 1 study year are possible
  • Extensions are only possible from the winter to the summer semester
  • Each field of study has its own pool of partner universities with a limited number of places
  • Your first step is always to contact the relevant subject coordinator who handles applications (Please note:     subject coordinators have different application deadlines)
  • Courses must be planned so as to achieve 30 to 60 ECTS and must be confirmed by the relevant Dean of Studies or Study Supervisor.
  • A minimum of 3 ECTS per month must be achieved to receive a grant
  • Exemption from tuition fees at your home and host university (Please note: the Student Union fee must, however, be paid)

Erasmus+ in the teacher training programme

  • Students will participate in the Erasmus programme relating to one of their study subjects
  • There are different partner universities depending on the subject
  • You may undertake consecutive Erasmus placements in the respective subject
  • It is recommended that students studying for a bachelor's degree undertake their Erasmus stay in their 5th or 6th semester (or, if they are studying languages, in their 3rd or 4th semester)
  • For a master's degree student any semester is suitable
  • Whether courses in another subject or educational courses can be attended depends on the respective host university
  • However, it is not always possible, nor is it obligatory, for the host university to support courses in other subject areas
  • Erasmus work placements lasting for a minimum of 2 months   Students must be employed full time in a school
  • Information sessions take place in the autumn and are specifically designed for students

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