Research Project:

Surviving the Anthropocene through Inventing New Ecological Justice and Biosocial Philosophical Literacy


Short outline:

This interdisciplinary project offers new possibilities for elemental water and aerial sustainability and philosophical-ethical reasoning, which is to be achieved by co-creating innovative change that advances shifts in consciousness and planning. The aim of this project is to resolve the perceived clash between culture, nature and ethics in the Anthropocene. It magnifies and expands an elemental philosophy of water and air, and related pedagogical innovation, with biosocial geography and an ecological lexicon included as a key for approaching a new paradigm. By explicitly linking environmental discourse and communication to environmental preferences and policy making, it identifies channels of influence and provides new avenues of thinking and interlinking of various fields within the humanities, social sciences and environmental studies. Joint Project financed by ARRS (Slovenia) and FWF (Austria). September 2019 – August 2022.

More information: 

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