1973-1981 Study of physics at Tübingen University. Diploma thesis in quantum mechanics.

1981-1985 Scientist and lecturer at Kassel University, foundation of the "Post Graduate Education in Energy Technology".

1986-1996 Scientist at the "Institute for Housing and Environment" (IWU) in Darmstadt. Establishing of the energy department at the IWU. Research and development on low energy buildings in Germany. Guest researcher at the Institute of Building Construction/ Lund University, responsible for the research project "Passive House Darmstadt Kranichstein".

1992 Doctoral Thesis on thermal simulation of buildings at the department of building physics Kassel University (Prof. Hauser) in cooperation with Lund University (Prof. Adamson)

since 1996 Founder and director of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt. Scientific head of the study group on cost efficient passive houses and of the European Thermie research project CEPHEUS.

2003-2005 Work in IEA SHC TASK 28 / ECBCS ANNEX 38 "Sustainable solar housing"

2001 National German Environmental Award

2003 International Environmental Award of the City of Gothenborg (together with Hans Eek)

since March 2008 University professor for building physics at Innsbruck University

Expert in hearings at the Hessian and Baden-Württemberg state parliaments and at the national German enquete-commissions on "Protection of the Earths Atmosphere".

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