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The participation in teaching at the Institute of Archaeology orients towards current projects in the Aguntum research area. Above all, practice-oriented teaching projects are carried out on features and find material. Besides, the discussion of methods and theories plays an important role.

Theory and practice of archaeological field research

The lecture Theory and Practice of Archaeological Field Research takes place in semestral cycles. It serves as a preparation for practical archaeological research in the field. The field school itself takes place as a block course in Aguntum and the on-site infrastructure of the Curatorium Pro Agunto ("Grabungshaus"). The combination of accommodation, museum, and archaeological park at the same location offers ideal conditions for the student field school.

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Working with findings and finds

  • Methods, possibilities, and limits in the evaluation of "old excavations”
  • Summer School: Roman Pottery in the Adriatic: Production, Typology, and Distribution (in cooperation with the University of Verona and the RGZM Mainz)
  • Archaeological Finds Deposits I & II
  • Archaeological repositories II
  • Roman pottery import in the Austria Romana
  • Roman pottery import in the Alpine region

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  • Functional Analysis of Roman Thermae
  • Architecture and function of Roman Fora
  • Functional analysis of buildings and rooms through archaeological features
  • Architectural remains. Interpretation and reconstruction
  • Roman city fortifications
  • Domus and Villa - Living in the cities of the Imperium Romanum

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Methods of Archaeology

  • Student Field School
  • Archaeological Documentation I
  • Ethnoarchaeology

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In cooperation with the professors of the Institute of Archaeology, the Research Area Aguntum is happy to supervise theses related to Aguntum. The topics that can be dealt with range, analogously to the research projects, from the processing of small finds and features to architecture, settlement-, and landscape archaeology as well as theoretical-methodical discussions of formation processes and the interpretation of material remains.

Current theses

  • Ch. Angerer, The Thermae of Aguntum (Master thesis)
  • N. Obinger, The artisan´s quarter of Aguntum (Master thesis)

Previous theses


Master / Magister


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