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The archaeological fieldwork at the Roman Municipium Claudium Aguntum defines the Research Area Aguntum as a connector between Classical (Roman) Archaeology and Roman Provincial Archaeology. In a geographical sense, as well as referring to the material culture of the Municipium, Aguntum lies between Italy and the North-Western Provinces of the Roman Empire. The research focuses on material culture studies, which include scientific analyses and studying the objects from a cultural anthropological perspective.


Archaeological Fieldwork

Annual excavations in Aguntum are since 1991 carried out by the Institute for Archaeologies in close cooperation with the Curatorium Pro Agunto. Besides, we realize resea... [more]


Public relations

Restorations of the architectural remains and the renewal of the Archaeological Park take place in close cooperation with the Curatorium Pro Agunto, the Federal Office fo... [more]



The participation in teaching at the Institute of Archaeology orients towards current projects in the Aguntum research area. Above all, practice-oriented teaching project... [more]

Summer School

Summer School

The Summer School Aguntum - Archaeological Field School offers students of ancient studies participation in the excavation of the Roman city of Aguntum, courses on the hi... [more]

Partners and sponsors

Partner und SponsorenFonds zur Förderung der Wissenschaftlichen Forschung (FWF)
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Museum und Archäologischer Park Aguntum
Tiroler Wissenschaftsfonds (TWF)
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Gemeinde Lavant
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