Recht verstehen
(Credit: David Kranebitter)


Professional specialties often make use of their own, mostly historically grown language with specific terminology or sentence constructions. Without explanation or "translation", such texts are often difficult to understand. This installation deals with legal decisions and their "simple" translation.

Legal texts that are difficult to understand are not only annoying, but also an expense factor in private and business life. The project "Understanding law? Linguistics makes it possible" deals with the idea of simplifying court language. A guideline for the linguistic design of legal texts was developed, which is subsequently used as a basis for the training and further education of judicial staff (e.g. judges, prosecutors and district attorneys).

Unfortunately, there is no translation of the examples. As it deals with special linguistic patterns the characteristics would be lost in translation.

Research Project

Verständliche Rechtstexte: Wege, Möglichkeiten, Vorschläge und Grenzen des verständlich Machens von Rechtstexten aus linguistischer Perspektive, Linda Prossliner, Wigbert Zimmermann, Manfred Kienpointner, Department of Language and Literature (Faculty of Language, Literature and Culture)

This micro exhibition is part of the 350th anniversary of the University of Innsbruck.


Sabrina Martina Pilsinger, Institute of History and European Ethnology (Faculty of Philosophy and History)
David Kranebitter, Institute of Design (Faculty of Architecture)

(Credits: Veronika Schaffer)

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