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Find out from installations in the city what is being researched at the University of Innsbruck in the various departments. At exhibitions in different museums, art meets science and vice versa - take a look at new perspectives and ways of looking at things.

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Do you know the voice phone? How do swinging stars sound? What does stem cell research do? How does the alpine space change? [more]


"Frau Hitt and the 19 questions"

What if ... various researchers at the University of Innsbruck were to deal with the saga of "Frau Hitt"? What questions would microbiologists, geologists, jurists or philosophers, theologians or sports scientists ask? What does this legend (still) tell us today? [more]

Research on the move

Research is in motion and in motion.

A first form is the movement of research from the university space into the social space. The exhibition shows how our research is directly linked to everyday life.

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