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Frauhuet – have you ever heard of that? Perhaps you’ve heard about Frau Hütt or Frauhutten? The Department of German Studies of the Faculty of Language, Literature and Culture has been working in the field of narratology – researching legends, tales and sagas – for decades. The oldest record of the saga about the giant queen Frau Hitt is two hundred years old. After its first publication in a journal in 1811, the story was printed shortly thereafter in the collection of the brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Just as the name of Frau Hitt has changed over time, so too has the saga itself, and today several variations are known. 

Variants of the legend

For a long time the legend of Frau Hitt was only transmitted orally, which is why there are many different variants today. Besides historical versions of the story you can also listen to retellings, songs and poems.


Version by the Brothers Grimm, read by Lisa E.

Re-narration by Emma

Re-narration by Brigitte Weninger, read by Lisa P.

Re-narration by Johanna

Re-narration by Michael (Zillertal dialect)

  “Gstanzl”, a traditional folk song, by Maria Bellinger and Andrea Kapeller, sung and played by Moni

Part of the poem „Wenn die Berg streitn” by Anni Kraus, read by Johanna

Version by Michael Köhlmeier, read by Marina


Poem by Carl Luterotti (1793-1872), a Tyrolean dialect poet

  Faculty of Language, Literature and Culture 

Illustration: © Patrick Bonato 2019

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