Dr Clara Rauchegger

List of Publications

  • The Eurosceptic Challenge: National Implementation and Interpretation of EU Law, Hart Publishing 2019, 280 pages (edited with Anna Wallerman) ISBN 9781509927654 (link).

    Book reviews:

    "[T]his is a well written, interesting collection of contributions, providing insights and provoking reflection on a series of aspects relating to the EU and to EU law." Panagiotis Zinonos, European Law Blog

     "In conclusion, by providing a clear framework of its own and organizing a vast literature in an accessible form, this book serves two purposes at the same time: it offers a one-stop-shop for those interested in exploring the current (and past) research on Euroscepticism, offering a great starting point for further readings; and, at the same time, it represents an optimal example of a successful approach to EU-wide issues and legal problems for new researchers and more senior scholars alike." Joseph Insirello, Journal of Contemporary European Studies 

  •  La protection de la vie privée face aux médias en droit français: Étude de droit comparé franco-autrichien, Innsbruck University Press 2013, 152 pages, ISBN 9783902811028 (link).

Edited Special Journal Issues
  • Symposium – The First Decade of the Binding EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 2020, Volume 22, 205–300  (link).

  • European Fundamental Rights and Digitalisation, Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law 2020, Issue 6, 697–805 (with Maja Brkan and Monica Claes) (link).

  • Developing Democracy: Conversations on Democratic Governance in International, European and Comparative Law, Cambridge International Law Journal 2015, Issue 2, 211–460 (with Anika Seemann) (open access).

Journal Articles and Book Chapters
  • "Weltweite Löschpflichten für rechtswidrige Inhalte auf digitalen Plattformen vor dem österreichischen OGH", Computer und Recht 2021, 154–159 (with Matthias C Kettemann, Georg Kraml, Felicitas Rachinger and Anna Sophie Tiedeke) (link).

  • "National Constitutional Courts as Guardians of the Charter: A Comparative Appraisal of the German Federal Constitutional Court's Right to Be Forgotten Judgments", Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 2020, 258–278, DOI 10.1017/cel.2020.13  (open access).

  • "Injunctions to Remove Illegal Online Content under the eCommerce Directive: Glawischnig-Piesczek", Common Market Law Review 2020, 1495–1526 (with Aleksandra Kuczerawy) (link).

  • "European Fundamental Rights and Digitalisation", Maastricht Journal of European Legal Studies 2020, 697–704, DOI 10.1177/1023263X20983778  (with Maja Brkan and Monica Claes) (open access).

  •  "The Charter as a Standard of Constitutional Review in the Member States", in: Michal Bobek/Jeremias Adams-Prassl (ed), The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights in the Member States , Hart Publishing 2020, 483–498, DOI 10.5040/9781509940943.ch-0025 (link).

  • "(De-)Zentralisierungstendenzen in der Grundrechtsjudikatur des EuGH", in: Christoph Grabenwarter and Erich Vranes (ed), Die EU im Lichte des Brexits und der Wahlen: Faktoren der Stabilität und Desintegration, Manz 2020, 215–228 (link).

  • "Challenges to EU Law in the Member States: From Reluctance to Revolt", in: Linda Berg (ed), Contested Community, Centre for European Research at the University of Göteborg 2020, 25–32 (with Anna Wallerman).

  • "National Resistance Against EU Law and Governance: Degrees and Manifestations", in: Clara Rauchegger and Anna Wallerman (ed), The Eurosceptic Challenge: National Implementation and Interpretation of EU Law, Hart Publishing 2019, 229–248 (with Anna Wallerman) DOI 10.5040/9781509927685.ch-012 (open access).

  • "Artificial Intelligence Approaches to the Analysis of Case Law: The Data-Driven Future of Empirical Legal Research", in: Simon Burger et al (ed), Recht und Sprache, Jan Sramek 2019, 23–42 (open access).

  • "National Constitutional Rights and the Primacy of EU Law: M.A.S.", Common Market Law Review 2018, 1521–1548 (open access).

  • "The Bundesverfassungsgericht’s New Human Dignity Review: Solange III and its Application in Subsequent Case Law", in: Lorenza Violini and Antonia Baraggia (ed), The Fragmented Landscape of Fundamental Rights Protection in Europe: The Role of Judicial and Non-Judicial Actors, Edward Elgar 2018, 94–113, DOI 10.4337/9781786436054.00012 (open access).

  • "European Union: The EU’s Attitude to the ECHR", in: Patricia Popelier, Sarah Lambrecht and Koen Lemmens (ed), Criticism of the European Court of Human Rights: Counter-Dynamics at the EU and National Level, Intersentia 2016, 41–72 (with Sarah Lambrecht)  DOI 10.1017/9781780685175.003 (link).

  • "Snowden, Schrems und Safe Harbour: Die Stärkung der Charta-Rechte auf Datenschutz und Privatsphäre durch den EuGH", in: Arnold Autengruber et al (ed), Zeit im Recht – Recht in der Zeit, Jan Sramek 2016, 69–85 (link).

  • "The Interplay between the Charter and National Constitutions after Åkerberg Fransson and Melloni: Has the CJEU Embraced the Challenges of Multilevel Fundamental Rights Protection?" in: Sybe de Vries, Ulf Bernitz and Stephen Weatherill (ed), The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights as a Binding Instrument: Five Years Old and Growing, Hart Publishing 2015, 93–131 (link).

  • "Opinion 2/13: Multiple Obstacles to the Accession of the EU to the ECHR", in: Wolfgang Benedek et al (ed), European Yearbook on Human Rights, Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag/Intersentia 2015, 61–75 (with Maria Berger) (link).

  • "European Dimensions: The Application of European Union Law by the UK Supreme Court 2012/13", Cambridge International Law Journal 2014, 204–213 (open access).

Chapters in Handbooks and Commentaries
  • "Four Functions of the Principle of Primacy in the ECJ’s Post-Lisbon Case Law", in: Katja Zielger/Päivi Neuvonen/Violeta Moreno-Lax (ed), Research Handbook: The General Principles of EU Law, Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2021 (open access).

  • "Sources and Content of Article 47", in: Steve Peers et al (ed), The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: A Commentary, Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2021 (link).

  • "Article 47(2): Possibility of Being Advised, Defended and Represented", in: Steve Peers et al (ed), The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: A Commentary, Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2021 (link).

  • "Damages under the Charter", in: Steve Peers et al (ed), The EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: A Commentary, Hart Publishing, forthcoming 2021 (link).

Publication on Teaching Methods
  • "Strategien zur Förderung juristischer Schlüsselkompetenzen: Eine Fallstudie zur Übung aus Europarecht", Schaufenster Lehre 2014 (open access).

Book Review
  • "G Gonzáles Fuster, The Emergence of Personal Data Protection as a Fundamental Right of the EU", International Data Privacy Review 2014, 91–94, DOI 10.1093/idpl/ipu034 (link).

Media Contributions
  • Report in magazine, "Die Frau für die Zukunftsfragen des Rechts", in: netzwerk tirol. Das regionale Wirtschaftsmagazin, September 2020.
  • Guest commentary, "Müssen wir für die Gesundheit unsere Privatsphäre opfern?", in: 20er. Die Tiroler Straßenzeitung, 1/4/2020.
  • Interview, "Mensch und Technik: Zukunftsvisionen, die unter die Haut gehen", in: Tiroler Tageszeitung, 29/3/2020 (open access).
  • Interview, "Kein rechtsfreier Raum", in: Wissenswert, 1/2/2020 (open access).
  • Interview, "Im Vorjahr sechs Anklagen wegen Hass im Netz in Tirol", in: Tiroler Tageszeitung, 28/1/2020 (open access).
  • Video interview, "Datenschutz im Check – die neue EU-Datenschutzgrundverordnung", in: Euregio Rechtsfrage des Monats, 28/5/2018 (open access).
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