University course: European IT Law and Digitalisation

The rapidly advancing technical developments of digital technologies raise numerous complex legal issues. This opens up exciting fields of activity for lawyers with special knowledge in this area of law.

The university course "European IT Law and Digitalization" examines digital innovations from a legal perspective, with a special focus on current developments in European Union law. In addition, it gives participants an insight into the possibilities and limits of the use of digital tools in legal practice (legal tech).

The university course is held annually in February. The course lasts two weeks. The target group is students (diploma, master or doctorate) as well as practitioners, such as lawyers, in-house counsel, judges or lawyers in public administration, who want to acquire specialized knowledge in European IT law and gain an insight into legal tech.

The course is taught by Ass.-Prof. Dr. Clara Rauchegger and organized by the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Law.

More information on this course (in German) can be found here.


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