Courses winter term 2022/2023

VO Philosophy, Theory and Methods of Law 326000 5 ECTS Prof. Kettemann
VO Fundamentals of Law and Digitalisation 326001 4 ECTS Rauchegger
VO Philosophy of law 326700 4 ECTS Prof. Kettemann
VO Theory of Law and Methodology 326900 5 ECTS Prof. Kettemann, Voithofer
PR Social Media Law 326007 2 ECTS Vural
SE Private law issues on digitalisation and sustainability (for diploma students) 326004 5 ECTS Prof. Kramme
SE Private law issues on digitalisation and sustainability (students writing a Doctor's thesis) 326901 5 ECTS Prof. Kramme
SE Law of Innovations and the Internet (students writing a Doctor's thesis) 326902 5 ECTS Prof. Kettemann
SE The Future of Law - Law of the Future 326020 5 ECTS Prof. Kettemann
AG Working in and with law 326010 2 ECTS Rachinger, Rachinger
VU Artificial intelligence and the Law: Technological Possibilities and Societal Challenges 326008 5 ECTS Prof. Kettemann
VU Foundations of sustainability of law 326009 3 ECTS Prof. Kramme, Univ.-Ass. Ponholzer

Courses that were held previously can be found in our archive

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