Access to Law - Accessible Rights? Fifth Congress of the German-speaking Sociology of Law Association, 21-23 September 2023, Leopold-Franzens-University Innsbruck

As "access to law" is a classic topic in the sociology of law and within the empirical legal studies it will build the focus of the inter- and mulitdisciplinary congress taking place in Innsbruck in September 2023. Theoretical, empirical and methodological reflections around "access to law" and "accessible rights" are highly welcome. Current crises (economy, climate, health, migration etc) as well as technological developments (keyword: digitalisation) also challenge the access to justice and the accessibility of law. As empirical studies repeatedly show, the accessibility of law varies greatly for people of different origins, social class, gender, (dis)ability, etc. Thematically, nine conference strands (= “tracks”) will be hosted:
  • Knowledge about law, knowledge in law, knowledge for law
  • Legal subjectivity and legal subjects
  • (Non-)mobilisation of law and rights
  • Access to criminal law
  • Access to social rights, access to social law
  • Global access to law
  • Courts in crisis
  • Environment in law
  • Societal security - social security, sense of security and access to justice

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