Applying for User Accounts

Please proceed with the following steps if you intend to get an account for any of the UIBK Leo compute clusters:

  1. UIBK users have access to several HPC systems. If in doubt, you are welcome to consult with HPC staff to get assistence in selecting the right system for your purposes.
    Note: In case you need more scratch space please contact the HPC staff directly.
  2. Before applying for an HPC account, make sure you have a ZID user account which is associated with your Institute (student accounts are not eligible for HPC services). If you are employed by the University, this is normally the case. If you are not employed (e.g. visiting scientist, external funding, unfunded dissertation, etc.), please follow the instructions for non-staff persons to obtain a project account.
  3. Please download and fill in this application form. If you are unsure about how to fill in the form, the ZID HPC staff will gladly assist you.
  4. After filling in your personal information, have a representative of the Research Area Scientific Computing sign your application. Consult the List of Representatives of the Research Area Scientific Computing to find the person who is most closely associated with your research group.
  5. Each application needs to be confirmed by signature by the Office of the Head of the Research Area Scientific Computing.
  6. Once your form is completely filled in and signed, please contact the ZID HPC staff to arrange an appointment for an introductory briefing, in which we help you to understand and use our systems. The application form will be sent to the ZID HPC Team (Technikerstrasse 23, A-6020 Innsbruck) by the Research Area. Alternatively, you may take it with you to the arranged appointment.
  7. After all the preceding steps have been completed, it usually takes one business day to set up your account with the ZID User Services (ZID Benutzerservice).

Acknowledging Cluster Usage

Users are required to recognize their use of the UIBK HPC systems by assigning all resulting publications to the Research Area Scientific Computing within the Forschungsleistungsdokumentation (FLD, of the University of Innsbruck, and by adding the following statement to each publication's acknowledgment:

The computational results presented here have been achieved (in part) using the LEO HPC infrastructure of the University of Innsbruck.

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