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Following please find a short overview about the study programmes concerning the Institute for Theoretical Physics.


Bachelor's Programme Physics

The standard duration of the bachelor's programme physics at the University of Innsbruck is 6 semesters or 180 ECTS-Credits. The Theoretical Physics acutally offers the following obligatory modules:

2nd Semester

  • Mathematical Methods of Physics 1

3rd Semester

  • Theoretical Physics 1 (Mechanics)
  • Mathematical Methods of Physics 2

4th Semester

  • Theoretical Physics 2 (Quantum Theory)

5th Semester

  • Theoretical Physics 3 (Electrodynamics)

6th Semester

Additionally, every winter semester we offer the course "Computational Physics" as elective module.

Master's Programme Physics

As of winter semester 2020/2021 only the succeeding master's programme with the new curriculum is open to new entrants.

The standard duration of the study programme is 4 semesters or 120 ECTS-Credits.

Within the context of research-oriented teaching, in-depth study in six different areas is offered:

  • Quantum Sciences
  • Quantum Engineering
  • Ion- and Applied Physics
  • Many-body Physics
  • Computational Physics
  • Astro- and Particle Physics

These specialisations can be deepened by a wide range of elective offers.

The study programme is concluded with a master's thesis, a resarch paper in a relevant field of physics mentioned, which is included in one of the approx. 30 working groups.

The obligatory and elective modules of the new master's programme offered by the Institute for Theoretical Physics can be found in the new curriculum.






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