Staff listed by positions


Name Phone Room Email Position
Briegel, Hans J. 52202 4S15
Hans.Briegel[at] Professor
Franosch, Thomas 52267 2S04 Thomas.Franosch[at] Professor
Kraus, Barbara 52219 2S09 Barbara.Kraus[at] Professor, Head of the Institute
Läuchli, Andreas 52218 4S19 Andreas.Laeuchli[at] Professor
Pichler, Hannes 4736 3/37 Hannes.Pichler[at] Professor
Ritsch, Helmut 52213 4S25 Helmut.Ritsch[at] Professor
Romero-Isart, Oriol 4730 3/34 Oriol.Romero-Isart[at] Professor
Zoller, Peter 4780 3/20 Peter.Zoller[at] Professor

Professors, retired

Name Phone Room Email Position
Ehlotzky, Fritz  
Professor, retired
(† 7. 9. 2019)
Girtler, Peter

Peter.Girtler[at] Associate Professor, retired
Grübl, Gebhard 52211 2S19 Gebhard.Gruebl[at] Associate Professor, retired
Kuhn, Siegbert +43 699 12904374
109d Siegbert.Kuhn[at] Associate Professor, retired
Schöpf, Klaus  
109d Klaus.Schoepf[at] Associate Professor, retired

Associate Professors

Name Phone Room Email Position
Dür, Wolfgang 52214 2S08 Wolfgang.Duer[at] Associate Professor
Lechner, Wolfgang 52232 2N04 Wolfgang.Lechner[at] Associate Professor

Assistant Professors

Name Phone Room Email Position
De las Cuevas, Gemma 52247 2S12 Gemma.DelasCuevas[at] Assistant Professor
Scheurer, Mathias S. 52224 2S11 Mathias.Scheurer[at] Assistant Professor


Name Phone Room Email Position
Baranov, Mikhail 4789 3/21
Mikhail.Baranov[at] Senior Scientist
Basilewitsch, Daniel 52258
2N03 Daniel.Basilewitsch[at] PostDoc
Caraglio, Michele 52266 2S06 Michele.Caraglio[at] PostDoc
Carrasco Blanco, Jose Antonio 52240  2S10 Jose.Carrasco[at] PostDoc
Chepizhko, Oleksandr  
Di Liberto, Marco 4790 3/23
marco.di-liberto[at] Postdoc
Fiderer, Lukas 52222 4S17 Lukas.Fiderer[at] PostDoc
Flamini, Fulvio 52227 4S17 Fulvio.Flamini[at] PostDoc
Gonda, Tomáš 52244 2S01
Tomas.Gonda[at] PostDoc
Gonzalez-Ballestero, Carlos 4770 3/33 carlos.gonzalez-ballestero[at] PostDoc
Gonzalez Cuadra, Daniel 4796 3/25
daniel.gonzalez-cuadra[at] Postdoc
Grochowski, Piotr  
2M03 Piotr.Grochowski[at] PostDoc
Kosior, Arkadiusz 52259 4S24 Arkadiusz.Kosior[at] PostDoc
Kraft, Tristan 52249 2S14 Tristan.Kraft[at]
Krumm, Marius 52223 4S13 Marius.Krumm[at] PostDoc
Lang, Thomas 52221 4S12 Thomas.Lang[at] Senior Scientist
Masalaeva, Natalia
4S24 Natalia.Masalaeva[at] PostDoc
Maurer, Patrick 4731 3/25 Patrick.Maurer[at] PostDoc
Mbeng, Glen Bigan 52241 2N03 Glen.Mbeng[at] PostDoc
Mivehvar, Farokh 52248 4S23 Farokh.Mivehvar[at] PostDoc
Munoz-Gil, Gorka 52257 4S17 Gorka.Munoz-Gil[at] PostDoc
Ostermann, Laurin 52204 4S11 Laurin.Ostermann[at] Senior Scientist
Poulsen Nautrup, Hendrik 52243 4S16 Hendrik.Poulsen-Nautrup[at] PostDoc
Riera Campeny, Andreu
03/33 Andreu.Riera-Campeny[at] PostDoc
Schuler, Michael 52234 4S21 Michael.Schuler[at] PostDoc
Shankar, Athreya 4797 3/23
athreya.shankar[at] Postdoc
Sieberer, Lukas 52242 2S19 Lukas.Sieberer[at]
Sonnleitner, Matthias 52254 4S23 Matthias.Sonnleitner[at] PostDoc
Squarcini, Alessio 52273 2S05 Alessio.Squarcini[at] PostDoc
Toikka, Lauri 52255 4S21 Lauri.Toikka[at] PostDoc
van Bijnen, Rick 4786 3/22 rick.van-bijnen[at] PostDoc
Vasilyev, Denis 4784 3/23 denis.vasilyev[at] PostDoc
Zache, Torsten 4798 3/21 torsten.zache[at] PostDoc

PhD Students

Name Phone Room Email Position
Agrenius Gustafsson, Thomas 52261 2M09 Thomas.Agrenius-Gustafsson[at] PhD Student
Ahmadirahmat, Abolfazl 52252 2S03 Abolfazl.Ahmadirahmat[at] PhD Student
Aumann, Philipp 52280
2N02 Philipp.Aumann[at] PhD Student
Bychek, Anna 52250 4S24 Anna.Bychek[at] PhD Student
Candoli, Davide 52261 2M09 Davide.Candoli[at] PhD Student
Casulleras Guàrdia, Sílvia 52293 2M03 Silvia.Casulleras-Guardia[at] PhD Student
Dlaska, Clemens 52291
2N03 Clemens.Dlaska[at] PhD Student
Drieb-Schön, Maike 52256 2N01 Maike.Schoen[at] PhD Student
Eberharter, Alexander 52236
4S18 Alexander.A.Eberharter[at] PhD Student
Ender, Kilian 52280
2N02 Kilian.Ender[at] PhD Student
Englbrecht, Matthias Maximilian 52283 2S13 Matthias.Englbrecht[at] PhD Student
Fellner, Michael
109d Michael.Fellner[at] PhD Student
Ganahl, Clemens  
Clemens.Ganahl[at] PhD Student
Gunn, David Kenworthy 52283 2S13 David-Kenworthy.Gunn[at] PhD Student
Hamann, Arne 52246 2S15
Arne.Hamann[at] PhD Student
Hernandez Mula, Lluis 52251 4S12 Lluis.Hernandez-Mula[at] PhD Student
Holzinger, Raphael 52287
4S11 Raphael.Holzinger[at] PhD Student
Hotter, Christoph 52287 4S11 Christoph.Hotter[at] PhD Student
Jerbi, Sofiene 52245 4S13 Sofiene.Jerbi[at] PhD Student
Kaubrügger, Christoph R. 4795 3/25 raphael.kaubruegger[at] PhD Student
Kaur, Harpreet 52238 2S03 Harpreet.Kaur[at] PhD Student
Klaver, Berend 52268
2N02 Berend.Klaver[at] PhD Student
Klingler, Andreas 52262 2S01
Andreas.Klingler[at] PhD Student
Kokail, Christian 4794 3/25 christian.kokail[at] PhD Student
Kruckenhauser, Andreas 4787 3/22 andreas.kruckenhauser[at] PhD Student
Kustura, Katja 52293 2M03 PhD Student
Kuzmin, Viacheslav
1S01 Viacheslav.Kuzmin[at] PhD Student
Lanthaler, Martin 52279
2N01 Martin.Lanthaler[at] PhD Student
Li, Kai Hong 52283 2S13 Kai-Hong.Li[at] PhD Student
López Incera, Andrea 52226 4S13
Andrea.Lopez-Incera[at] PhD Student
Miguel-Ramiro, Jorge 52260 2S15
Jorge.Miguel-Ramiro[at] PhD Student
Mor-Ruiz, Maria Flors 52239 2S02
Maria.Mor-Ruiz[at] PhD Student
Olsacher, Tobias 4788 3/22 tobias.olsacher[at] PhD Student
Rakcheev, Artem  
  Artem.Rakcheev[at] PhD Student
Reinhart, Tobias 52264 2S01
Tobias.Reinhart[at] PhD Student
Riera Sabat, Ferran 52275 2S15
Ferran.Riera-Sabat[at] PhD Student
Roda Llordes, Marc 4772 3/33 marc.rodallordes[at] PhD Student
Scheil, Verena 52253 4S23 Verena.Scheil[at] PhD Student
Smith, Isaac David 52265 4S13 Isaac.Smith[at] PhD Student
Starchl, Elias Andre 52274 2S19 Elias.Starchl[at] PhD Student
Stengele, Sebastian 52270 2S01
Sebastian.Stengele[at] PhD Student
ter Hoeven, Roeland Stefan
109d Roeland.Ter-Hoeven[at] PhD Student
Trenkwalder, Lea 52225 4S16 Lea.Trenkwalder[at] PhD Student
van der Eyden, Mirte 52233 2S01
Mirte.van-der-Eyden[at] PhD Student
Vodenkova, Kseniia 4734 3/36 Kseniia.Vodenkova[at] PhD Student
Vovk, Tatiana 4734 3/36 Tatiana.Vovk[at] PhD Student
Weidinger, Anita 52279
2N01 Anita.Weidinger[at] PhD Student
Wilhelm, Patrick 52231
4S12 Patrick.Wilhelm[at] PhD Student
Zeng, Zhongda
3/32 Zhongda.Zeng[at] PhD Student

Master Students

Name Phone Room Email Position
Aigner, Gregor 52237 2S02 Gregor.Aigner[at] Master Student
Akdogan, Kerem 52237 2S02 Kerem.Akdogan[at] Master Student
Calliari, Gabriele
4S22 Gabriele.Calliari[at] Master Student
Carver, Callum
2M07 Callum.Carver[at] Master Student
Cocchiarella, Denise
4S22 Denise.Cocchiarella[at] Master Student
Di Trapani, Francesco
2S06 Francesco.Di-Trapani[at] Master Student
Engel, Benjamin
2S01 Benjamin.Engel[at] Master Student
Hämmerle, Michael
2S13 Michael.Haemmerle[at] Master Student
Inderster, Florian  
109d Florian.Inderster[at] Master Student
Kiechl, Thomas
2S03 Thomas.Kiechl[at] Master Student
Klüter, Thomas
2S14 Thomas.Klueter[at] Master Student
Leitner, Fabian 52237 2S02 Fabian.Leitner[at] Master Student
Moser, Julian
2S02 csat4781[at] Master Student
Obernauer, Stefan Bert
109d Stefan.Obernauer[at] Master Student
Perle, Michael
109d Michael.Perle[at] Master Student
Senn, Judith
2M07 Judith.Senn[at] Master Student
Weßling, Jakob
109d Jakob.Wessling[at] Master Student

IT Systems Engineer and Software Developer

Name Phone Room Email Position
Embacher, Hans G. 52212 2S20 Hans.G.Embacher[at] Scientific Staff
Renz, Katharina 52217 2S05 Katharina.Renz[at] IT Systems Engineer and Software Developer

Administrative Assistants

Name Phone Room Email Position
Jorda, Nicole 52208 2S18 Nicole.Jorda[at] Administrative Assistant
Laimer, Birgit 52203 2S07 Birgit.Laimer[at] Administrative Assistant
Meysami-Hörtnagl, Jade 52207 4S14 jade.meysami-hoertnagl[at] Administrative Assistant
Spiegl, David 52209 2S07 David.Spiegl[at] Administrative Assistant
Stenico, Elke 52205 4S20 Elke.Stenico[at] Administrative Assistant
Wölflmaier, Elke 4781 3/19 Elke.Woelflmaier[at] Administrative Assistant
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