Staff listed by positions


Name Phone Room Email Position
Briegel, Hans J. 52202 4S15
Hans.Briegel[at] Professor
Ehlotzky, Fritz 52239 2S18 Fritz.Ehlotzky[at] Professor, retired
Franosch, Thomas 52267 2S04 Thomas.Franosch[at] Professor
Läuchli, Andreas 52218 4S19 Andreas.Laeuchli[at] Professor
Ritsch, Helmut 52213 4S25 Helmut.Ritsch[at] Professor, Head of the Institute
Romero-Isart, Oriol 4730 3/34 Oriol.Romero-Isart[at] Professor
Zoller, Peter 4780 3/20 Peter.Zoller[at] Professor

Associate Professors

Name Phone Room Email Position
Dür, Wolfgang 52214 2S08 Wolfgang.Duer[at] Associate Professor
Grübl, Gebhard 52211 2S11 Gebhard.Gruebl[at] Associate Professor, retired
Kraus, Barbara 52219 2S09 Barbara.Kraus[at] Associate Professor
Kuhn, Siegbert 52206 9/f Siegbert.Kuhn[at] Associate Professor, retired
Reimer, Anita 52274 2S10 Anita.Reimer[at] Associate Professor
Schöpf, Klaus 52210 9/f Klaus.Schoepf[at] Associate Professor, retired

Assistant Professors

Name Phone Room Email Position
Lechner, Wolfgang 52232 4S22 W.Lechner[at] Assistant Professor


Name Phone Room Email Position
Baranov, Mikhail 4789 3/21
Mikhail.Baranov[at] PostDoc
Chepizhko, Oleksandr 52268 2S06 Oleksandr.Chepizhko[at]
Clausen, Jens 52233 4S16 Jens.Clausen[at] PostDoc
De las Cuevas, Gemma 52247 2S12
Gemma.DelasCuevas[at] PostDoc
Grankin, Andrey 4793
Andrey.Grankin[at] PostDoc
Goloborod'ko, Victor 52261 9d V.Goloborodko[at] PostDoc
Kurzthaler, Christina 52270 2S03 Christina.Kurzthaler[at] PostDoc
Lang, Thomas 52221 4S12 Thomas.Lang[at] PostDoc
Mivehvar, Farokh 52248 2S19 Farokh.Mivehvar[at] PostDoc
Muschik, Christine 52263 4S23 Christine.Muschik[at] PostDoc
Niedenzu, Wolfgang 52215 2S11 Wolfgang.Niedenzu[at] PostDoc
Ostermann, Laurin 52204 4S11 Laurin.Ostermann[at] PostDoc
Petersen, Charlotte Frances 52271 2S06 Charlotte.Petersen[at]
Prat-Camps, Jordi 4770 3/33 Jordi.Prat-Camps[at] PostDoc
Ried, Katja 52242 4S17 Katja.Ried[at] PostDoc
Shahandeh, Farid 52259 2S14 Farid.Shahandeh[at] PostDoc
Sieberer, Lukas 4797 3/23 Lukas.Sieberer[at]
Sonnleitner, Matthias 52254 2S12 Matthias.Sonnleitner[at] PostDoc
Toikka , Lauri 52255 4S21 Lauri.Toikka[at] PostDoc
Tskhakaya, Davy D. 52266 9e/2 Davy.Tskhakaya[at] PostDoc
van Bijnen, Rick 4790 3/22 rick.van-bijnen[at] PostDoc
Vasilyev, Denis 4794 3/25 Denis.Vasilyev[at] PostDoc
Venkatesh, B. Prasanna 4753 3/17 Prasanna.Venkatesh[at] PostDoc
Vermersch, Benoit 4790 3/23 Benoit.Vermersch[at] PostDoc
Wölk, Sabine  52231 4S16 Sabine.Woelk[at] PostDoc
Yavorskij, Victor 52262 9d Victor.Yavorskij[at] PostDoc
Zwerger, Michael  52262 2S15 Michael.Zwerger[at] PostDoc

PhD Students

Name Phone Room Email Position
Aumann, Philipp 52290 2S01 Philipp.Aumann[at] PhD Student
Colella, Elvia 52288 4S24 Elvia.Colella[at] PhD Student
Dlaska, Clemens 52290 2S01 Clemens.Dlaska[at] PhD Student
Elben, Andreas 4794 3/25 Andreas.Elben[at] PhD Student
Ender, Kilian 52290 2S01 Kilian.Ender[at] PhD Student
Englbrecht, Matthias Maximilian 52283 2S13 [at] PhD Student
Ganahl, Clemens 52235 4S21 Clemens.Ganahl[at] PhD Student
Grimaldo, Emanuele 52275 2S13 Emanuele.Grimaldo[at] PhD Student
Guimond, Pierre-Olivier 4784 3/23 Pierre-Olivier.Guimond[at] PhD Student
Gunn, David Kenworthy 52283 2S13 David-Kenworthy.Gunn[at] PhD Student
Hartmann, Andreas 52290 2S01 Andreas.Hartmann[at] PhD Student
Hebenstreit, Martin 52249 2S13 Martin.Hebenstreit[at]
PhD Student
Hernandez Mula, Lluis 52251 4S12 Lluis.Hernandez-Mula[at] PhD Student
Holzmann, Daniela 52288 4S24 Daniela.Holzmann[at] PhD Student
Hümmer, Daniel 4771 3/23 Daniel.Huemmer[at] PhD Student
Jungkind, Arthur 52253 4S11 Arthur.Jungkind[at] PhD Student
Kokail, Christian 4785 3/21 christian.kokail[at] PhD Student
Kustura, Katja 4752 3/17 PhD Student
Kuzmin, Viacheslav 4792
3/42 Viacheslav.Kuzmin[at] PhD Student
López Incera, Andrea 52226 4S13
Andrea.Lopez-Incera[at] PhD Student
Maurer, Patrick 4731 3/25 Patrick.Maurer[at] PhD Student
Mayer, Daniel 52273 2S03 Daniel.Mayer[at] PhD Student
Melnikov, Alexey 52246 4S16 Alexey.Melnikov[at] PhD Student
Miguel-Ramiro, Jorge 52260 2S15
Jorge.Miguel-Ramiro[at] PhD Student
Orsucci, Davide 52245 4S13 Davide.Orsucci[at] PhD Student
Ostermann, Stefan 52288 4S24 Stefan.Ostermann[at] PhD Student
Pirker, Alexander 52286 4S17 Alexander.Pirker[at]
PhD Student
Plankensteiner, David 52287 4S11 David.Plankensteiner[at]
PhD Student
Poulsen Nautrup, Hendrik 52243 4S13 Hendrik.Poulsen-Nautrup[at] PhD Student
Rader, Michael 52258 4S12 Michael.Rader[at] PhD Student
Rakcheev, Artem 52223 4S18 Artem.Rakcheev[at] PhD Student
Romen, Christian 52229 4S18 Christian.Romen[at] PhD Student
Rusconi, Cosimo C. 4772 3/33 Cosimo.Rusconi[at] PhD Student
Sauerwein, David 52276 2S14 David.Sauerwein[at] PhD Student
Schrack, Lukas 52272 2S03 Lukas.Schrack[at] PhD Student
Schuler, Michael 52230 4S21 Michael.Schuler[at] PhD Student
Torggler, Valentin 52288 4S24 Valentin.Torggler[at] PhD Student
Trenkwalder, Lea 52225 4S13 Lea.Trenkwalder[at] PhD Student
Wallnöfer, Julius 52277 2S15 Julius.Wallnoefer[at] PhD Student
Yang, Dayou 4795
3/25 Dayou.Yang[at] PhD Student

Master Students

Name Phone Room Email Position
Aragones Soria, Yaiza 52283 2S13
Yaiza.Aragones-Soria[at] Master Student
Balanzó Juandó, Maria 52237 2S02 Maria.Balanzo-Juando[at] Master Student
Brieger, Raphael 52276 2S14
Raphael.Brieger[at] Master Student
Czarnetzki, Leonhard Johannes 52276 2S14
Leonhard.Czarnetzki[at] Master Student
Eberharter, Alexander 52237
2S02 Alexander.A.Eberharter[at] Master Student
Glesener, Gilles
2N03 Gilles.Glesener[at] Master Student
Holzinger, Raphael 52289 2S19 Raphael.Holzinger[at] Master Student
Hotter, Christoph 52289 2S19 Christoph.Hotter[at] Master Student
Huber, Sandro 52237 2S02 Sandro.Huber[at] Master Student
Julià Farré, Sergi 52237 2S02 Sergi.Julia-Farre[at] Master Student
Lanthaler, Martin 52237 2S02 Martin.Lanthaler[at] Master Student
Lanzinger, Verena 52237 2S02 Verena.Lanzinger(at) Master Student
Nussdorfer, Jonas 52237 2S02 Jonas.Nussdorfer[at] Master Student
Pöchhacker, Vera 4773 3/32 Vera.Poechhacker[at] Master Student
Riera Campeny, Andreu 52237 2S02 Andreu.Riera-Campeny[at] Master Student
Rigo, Jonas 52237 4S12 Jonas.Rigo[at] Master Student
Schmidt, Nicola 52237 2S02 Nicola.Schmidt[at] Master Student
Schwingshackl, Martin
4S18 Martin.Schwingshackl[at] Master Student

Scientific Staff

Name Phone Room Email Position
Embacher, Hans G. 52212 2S20 Hans.G.Embacher[at] Scientific Staff

Administrative Assistants

Name Phone Room Email Position
Adrigan, Manuela 52220 4S14 briegel-office[at] Administrative Assistant
Jorda, Nicole 52208 2S07 Nicole.Jorda[at] Administrative Assistant
Laimer, Birgit 52203 2S07 Birgit.Laimer[at] Administrative Assistant
Stenico, Elke 52205 4S20 Elke.Stenico[at] Administrative Assistant
Wölflmaier, Elke 52216 4S14 Elke.Woelflmaier[at] Administrative Assistant