Bio and Nano Physics

Prof. Thomas Franosch's Group


Welcome to the Bio and Nano Physics Group, led by Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch at the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the Universität Innsbruck, Austria.

The group addresses a broad range of fundamental questions in biological and nano physics using a combination of theoretical and computational tools. Our research encompasses complex transport phenomena in crowded environments, the non-equilibrium physics of self-propelled particles, the glass transition of strongly confined liquids, thermophoresis of colloidal particles, and the elastic and dynamic properties of polymers.






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  27.4.2019 The group demonstrated soft matter, active particles and computer simulations to the public at the University of Innsbruck campus open day. The silly putty and soap propelled boats were a big hit with the kids!



Head of the Research Group
Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch
   +43 512 507-522 67

Administrative Assistant
Nicole Jorda
   +43 512 507-522 08

Universität Innsbruck
Institute for Theoretical Physics
ICT building
Technikerstr. 21A
A-6020 Innsbruck


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