Open positions  

Postdoc position/PhD position available

We a looking for skilled postdoc or PhD for our FWF project on 'Structure and Dynamics of Colloidal Monolayers
in Periodic Laser Fields'. The postdoc position is for 2 years, the PhD position is for 3 years. The main task is to implement a mode-coupling theory for a two-dimensional colloidal suspension exposed to a perioded external field. Analytical and numerical skills are essential, additional simulational skills are welcome. 

PhD position available

We have an opening in October for a PhD candidate as university assistant (4 years with teaching duties). Possible fields are first-passage-time problems of active particles or advanced simulation techniques for target search of active particles.

Bachelors and Masters topics are available 

We have topics available for Bachelors and Masters students! Please see our Research page for information on the type of projects available, and contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch for more details.

Additionally motivated PhD or  postdoc candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch regarding future openings.


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