Open positions  

1. We are looking for a motivated skilled  PhD candidate (3-4 years) or postdoc (2 years) for our FWF-funded project 'Time-dependent nonlinear shear response in dilute Brownian suspensions'. The candidate is expected to perform time-dependent computer simulations within Brownian dynamics while collaborating with postdoc addressing the same problem by numerical analysis.

2. If you are finishing your PhD or are a young postdoc, there is the possibility to join the group by writing a proposal to the Austrian Science Fund (FWF)

Bachelors and Masters topics are available 

We have topics available for Bachelors and Masters students! Please see our Research page for information on the type of projects available, and contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch for more details.

Additionally motivated PhD or  postdoc candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch regarding future openings.


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