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PhD position in the field of dynamic simulation of colloids


We are seeking a talented student to fill a PhD position in the recently funded Doctoral Programme - Dynamics of Complex Continua (DP DOCC).

The research project will be on one of the following topics:

Non-equilibrium dynamics of colloidal suspensions under strong external driving

We will simulate the nonlinear dynamics of a colloidal suspension in response to an external perturbation in the form of a strong step-strain, and elucidate the evolution of shear stresses. New algorithms are needed to subtract thermal noises of the non-interacting systems for optimization of the signal-to-noise ratio.

Disentangling the noise from the interactions in Brownian Dynamics

In a conventional Brownian Dynamics simulation interacting particles undergo an erratic motion due to thermal noise between collisions. A novel algorithm will be elaborated that allows to directly simulate only the difference between an interacting and freely evolving system thereby basically eliminating all noise and making the relevant physics accessible to simulation studies.

Characterizing rare events in soft condensed matter via emergent computational techniques

Development and applications of advanced theoretical/computational schemes to investigate and characterize rare events in different soft condensed matter systems, possibly combining statistical mechanics formalism with emerging technologies such as AI and/or Quantum Computing.


The two first calls were unsuccessful and the position is still available. The third  call is open until 2. November  2020. For information on application and eligibility requirements, please refer to the DOCC page here.


For further details on the research projects, candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch.  



Bachelors and Masters topics are available 

We have topics available for Bachelors and Masters students! Please see our Research page for information on the type of projects available, and contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch for more details.

While we have no positions currently available, motivated postdoc candidates are encouraged to contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch regarding future openings.


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