Find here general information to the Bachelor's and Master's program in physics at the Universität Innsbruck.


Summer Term 2024
Winter Term 2023/2024
Summer Term 2023
Winter Term 2022/2023
Summer Term 2022
Winter Term 2021/2022

Previous lectures

Theoretical Physics 1 (Mechanics), Theoretical Physics 3 (Electrodynamics), Theoretical Physics 4 (Statistical Physics), Statistical Physics II: Dynamics,  Statistical Field Theory, Theoretical Biophysics: Stochastic Processes, Mechanics of Continua and Theoretical Plasma Physics



Topics are available for Bachelor, Master, and PhD candidates! Please contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch.

  Completed theses


PhD theses

  • Target search of active particles in complex environments, Luigi Zanovello (2022)
  • Quasi-confined Colloidal Liquids-Structure and Dynamics, Lukas Schrack (2021)
  • The dynamics of self-propelled particles and the buckling transition of a semiflexible polymer, Christina Kurzthaler (2017)
  • Complex transport, Sebastian Leitmann (2017)
  • Structure and dynamics of liquids in confined environments, Simon Lang (2014)

Master theses

  • First Passage Times of Active Brownian Particles, Francesco Di Trapani (2022)
  • Transport Properties of Brownian Particles: Analytical Result and Computer Simulations, Regina Teresa Rusch (2022)
  • Solving two Parabolic Partial Differential Equations with the Boundary-Integral Method, Philip Pfahl (2021)
  • Transport properties of run-and-tumble chemotaxis, Nicola Schmidt (2019)
  • Long-time tails in memory kernels for the Brownian motion of a colloidal System, Jonas Nussdorfer (2017)
  • Higher moments in the field driven Lattice Lorentz gas, Thomas Schwab (2016)

Bachelor theses

  • Active Brownian Particles in a Bistable Potentia, Michael Oswald (2022)
  • Feynman-Kac formula and electrostatics, Florian Gschößer (2021)
  • Memory effects in glass-froming liquids, Thomas Kiechl (2020)
  • Model of artificial spin ice, Beatriz Barroso Gstrein (2020)
  • Steady-state probability distribution of active Brownian particles in confining potentials, Larissa Kröll (2020)
  • Movement of emergent magnetic monopoles in lattices of nanomagnets, Leah Rank (2019) 
  • Lineare Antwort und darüber hinaus, Andre Gladbach (2019)
  • Disorder in models of artificial spin ice, Ben Silwa (2018)
  • Active particle with memory (subjected to colored noise), Simon Brunner (2018)
  • Brownian circle swimmer in a gravitational field, Martin Zobernig (2017)
  • Dynamics of a self-propelled anisotropic particle in the gravitational field (2016)
  • Dynamics of a Brownian circle swimmer, Victor Wenin (2016)


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