Find here general information to the Bachelor's and Master's program in physics at the Universität Innsbruck.

Summer Term 2022
Winter Term 2021/2022
Summer Term 2021
Winter Term 2020/2021
Previous lectures

Theoretical Physics 1 (Mechanics), Theoretical Physics 3 (Electrodynamics), Theoretical Physics 4 (Statistical Physics), Statistical Physics II: Dynamics,  Statistical Field Theory, Theoretical Biophysics: Stochastic Processes, Mechanics of Continua and Theoretical Plasma Physics



Topics are available for Bachelor, Master, and PhD candidates! Please contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch.

  Completed theses

PhD theses

Quasi-confined Colloidal Liquids-Structure and Dynamics, Lukas Schrack (2021)
The dynamics of self-propelled particles and the buckling transition of a semiflexible polymer
, Christina Kurzthaler (2017)
Complex transport, Sebastian Leitmann (2017)
Structure and dynamics of liquids in confined environments, Simon Lang (2014)

Master theses

Transport properties of run-and-tumble chemotaxis, Nicola Schmidt (2019)
Long-time tails in memory kernels for the Brownian motion of a colloidal System, Jonas Nussdorfer (2017)
Higher moments in the field driven Lattice Lorentz gas, Thomas Schwab (2016)

Bachelor theses

Memory effects in glass-froming liquids, Thomas Kiechl (2020)
Model of artificial spin ice,
Beatriz Barroso Gstrein (2020)
Steady-state probability distribution of active Brownian particles in confining potentials, Larissa Kröll (2020)
Movement of emergent magnetic monopoles in lattices of nanomagnets, Leah Rank (2019) 
Lineare Antwort und darüber hinaus
Andre Gladbach (2019)
Disorder in models of artificial spin ice,
Ben Silwa (2018)
Active particle with memory (subjected to colored noise), Simon Brunner (2018)
Brownian circle swimmer in a gravitational field
, Martin Zobernig (2017)
Dynamics of a self-propelled anisotropic particle in the gravitational field (2016)
Dynamics of a Brownian circle swimmer, Victor Wenin (2016)



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