Bio and Nano Physics group. From left: Thomas Franosch, Harpreet Kaur, Francesco DiTrapani, Regina Rusch, Daniel Mayer, Michele Caraglio, Thomas Kiechl and Abolfazl Ahmadirahmat

Head of Research Group

Thomas Franosch

Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch

Professor of Theoretical Physics

 Room 2S04 ITP

  +43 512 507 52267


 Administrative Assistant

Nicole Jorda

Nicole Jorda

 Room 2S18 ITP

  +43 512 507 52208




Michele Caraglio, PhD


 Room 2S06 ITP

  +43 512 507 52266 



Alessio Squarcini, PhD


 Room 2S05 ITP

  +43 512 507 52273


PhD Students

A Ahmadirahmat

Abolfazl Ahmadirahmat, MSc

PhD Student

 Room 2S03 ITP

  +43 512 507 52252



Harpreet Kaur

Harpreet Kaur, MSc

PhD Student

 Room 2S03 ITP

  +43 512 507 52238

Daniel Mayer

Daniel Mayer, MSc

PhD Student

 Room 2S03 ITP


Regina Rusch, MSc

PhD Student

 Room 2S03 ITP


© group picture: ITP/B. Laimer, portraits: ITP/B. Laimer & IQOQI/M. R. Knabl

Master Students

Thomas Kiechl

Luca Muigg



Do you want to join our group? We are currently looking for interested students at all levels. Topics are available! For more information please contact Prof. Dr. Thomas Franosch and see open positions.



Gerhard Jung, Dr., Laboratoire Charles Coulomb at the Université de Montpellier

Charlotte Petersen,  PhD, ARC DECRA fellow in the school of Chemistry, The University of Sydney

Luigi Zanovello, PhD, University of Trento

Christina Kurzthaler, PhD, Howard Stone's group at  Princeton University

Dr. Suvendu Mandal, Institut für Physik der Kondensierten Materie, Technische Universität Darmstadt

Sebastian Leitmann, PhD

Simon Lang, PhD

Lukas Schrack, PhD

Francesco Di Trapani, MSc

Jonas Nussdorfer, MSc

Luca Pizzagalli, MSc

Regina Teresa Rusch, MSc

Nicola Schmidt, MSc

Thomas Schwab, MSc

Martin Zobernig, BSc

Victor Wenin, BSc

Simon Brunner, BSc

Ben Silwa, BSc

Leah Rank, BSc

Andre Gladbach, BSc



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