Chair of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

The chair for Innovation & Entrepreneurship of the University of Innsbruck is based on an endowed professorship of the "Wirtschaftskammer Tirol" and was established in 2012. It focuses on education and research that is concerned with the topics of Innovation Management, in particular Open Innovation and Co-Creation, as well as Entrepreneurship.


Innovation Management

The course Innovation Management intends to encourage the discussion and critical reflection of knowledge and innovation as crucial resources for obtaining substantial competitive advantage. Moreover, students work with concepts and methods for the implementation of knowledge and innovation management in organizations.


The course Entrepreneurship provides an application-oriented approach to starting and running a business by taking aspiring students and future entrepreneurs through each phase of founding a real new business venture.

  • Interdisciplinary Bachelor Entrepreneurship course
  • Master Entrepreneurship lecture
  • Master Entrepreneurship seminar
  • Interdisciplinary PhD Entrepreneurship course

Sustainability & Natural Resource Management

Sustainability & Natural Resource Management provides students with solid knowledge and practical insights in managing an emerging paradigm: scarce natural resources in a resource-intense world. Alternative economic models are discussed that provide scope for sustainable business models, which can be a source of competitive advantage.

Research Methods

The research methods course teaches students about different qualitative, as well as quantitative research methods and apply them in research projects. In doing so, every step is covered: a critical literature review, the choice of an appropriate research design, and the different possibilities of data generation and analysis.


Building of the University of Innsbruck


Through our research we contribute actively to the excellent position of the University of Innsbruck in international comparison. This is achieved with publications in prestigious journals, as well as the formation of co-operations with international research- and project-partners. Our research concentrates on methods, requirements, motives and barriers of open-innovation-approaches, and aims to enhance the innovation-spirit and competitiveness of the area Tyrol.

Johann Füller


Within the last 12 years we have contributed to more than 170 publications, many of them covering pioneering topics, such as open-innovation, co-creation, or crowdsourcing.