The InnCubator is the entrepreneurship center of the Innsbruck University. It offers students and start-up interested people room for trial and error experiences. The InnCubator further fosters lean innovation initiatives apart from established structures with the guidance and support of experts from the University of Innsbruck and Tyrol’s Chamber of Commerce. It offers a wide range of services to talented founders, who want to build enduring companies. The core of the InnCubator service portfolio is the so-called INNC-program: a six month coaching program with a structured curriculum, which helps aspiring entrepreneurs to form and improve their innovative business ideas and to build successful companies. As part of the INNC-program, the startups receive access to the InnCubator co-working space, to special workshops and trainings, to a growing talentpool of professionals, and to a great network of experts and mentors. An in-house workshop equipped with the latest machines and technologies allows startups to build their first prototypes and to validate their ideas. After completing the program, the startups receive further support as part of the alumni network.

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