Our teaching approach aims to give students deep insights and knowledge into theory and scientific state-of-the-art approaches of innovation and entrepreneurship. Further, in order to spark and awake students’ passion for entrepreneurship we empower them to build their own business ideas and get hands-on start-up experience during our courses. Knowledge transfer does not only happen on an academic level, but also in close collaboration with invited guest-lecturers - managers and entrepreneurs - who share their knowledge and insights with students. Case studies are further applied to transfer theories into applicable knowledge. Students are coached and guided toward high performance treated based on fair partnership. [more]

Master Program Strategic Management and Innovation:

innovation_management.jpgInnovation Management

The course Innovation Management fosters the discussion and critical reflection of knowledge and innovation as crucial resources for gaining substantial competitive advantages. In addition, students work with concepts and methods for implementing knowledge and innovation management in organizations.


The course Entrepreneurship provides an application-oriented approach to starting and running a business by taking aspiring students and future entrepreneurs through each phase of founding a real new business venture.

data.pngResearch Methods

In the course Research Methods, students learn about different qualitative, as well as quantitative research methods and how to apply them in research projects. Each step is covered: a critical literature review, the choice of an appropriate research design, and the different ways of generating and analyzing data.


Creativity and Change Management

In the Creativity and Change Management course, students discuss the theoretical foundations of encouraging, managing and maintaining creativity and change in organizations. Followed by an in-depth consideration of methods and concepts used for designing creative processes and implementing change. Students develop the competence to design and foster creative processes and to trigger and implement change in a sustainable manner.


Master Thesis Begleitseminar

The working group serves to support the ongoing master theses. The work is presented, partial aspects are discussed in depth and theoretical as well as research methodological aspects are deepened. It enables students to design and conduct a scientific study and present the research findings in a variety of contexts.

Further information can be found: https://www.uibk.ac.at/studium/angebot/ma-strategic-management-and-innovation.html.en

Supplementary Program Entrepreneurship:


Entrepreneurial Competencies

Entrepreneurial Competencies

Students visit startup events or innovative companies and can build up a valuable personal network. Further, students observe and analyze startups and reflect on the experiences gained to build entrepreneurial competencies.

Entrepreneurship 1

Entrepreneurship 1

The Entrepreneurship basic course aims to teach students basic knowledge about startups, business models, project management and the lean startup approach. The goal is to acquire a good understanding of entrepreneurial thinking and acting and the application of methods during the founding process. A customer-oriented and problem-oriented thinking is to be established.

Product and Service Development

Product and Service Development

The Product and Service Development course provides students with skills for agile development of new and innovative products. The focus is on developing exceptional customer experiences. Furthermore, the course is accompanied by experienced personalities from the topics of intellectual property rights and prototype development.

Entrepreneurship 2

Entrepreneurship 2

Entrepreneurship 2 provides students with detailed and specific knowledge in the areas of market entry, scaling and validation of business models and transforming companies. Further, the topics organizational structures, investment, company value, key figures and team composition are covered.

Company and Innovation Project neu

 Company and Innovation Project

In this final project, students can find their own startup and pursue their business idea, they can manage an innovation project in an established company or complete an internship in a company. Together with the course instructors and the companies’ students learn how to implement coordinate and manage business ideas and projects. The focus is on applying theoretical competencies in practice by following the lean startup approach.


Further information can be found: https://www.uibk.ac.at/studium/angebot/es-entrepreneurship.html.de

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