Project objective 8: Concept of a personal and inclusive future planning

The concept of "Personal Future Planning" refers - in the German-speaking world - to a collection of methodical planning approaches that are intended to make possible the equal participation of all people in a good life in society. People with and without disabilities can use the methods of Personal Future Planning to reflect on themselves, their dreams, their wishes and goals, their values, strengths and preferences, as well as on the people, networks and favourite places that are important to them - and thus develop an idea for a desirable future.


Three perspectives of participation are pursued:

  1. the person orientation
  2. the social space orientation
  3. the relationship orientation


1) The person orientation puts the person - in the VEMAS project the persons with intellectual disabilities and behavioural problems - in the focus and wants to bring their voice to the forefront. This also includes looking at the person's concrete social environment in order to come closer to the goal of improving participation opportunities.


2) The second pillar is social space orientation: This involves discovering or creating opportunities on the scene’ that enable a person and his or her environment to participate in social life. The concept of social space orientation focuses on essential aspects of successful participation: Orientation to the interests of the person with intellectual disabilities and the use of their resources and those of the social environment.


3) The third perspective is the relationship orientation: This refers to successful, loving and appreciative social relationships.


The concept of Personal Future Planning is suitable to focus on the person and his or her personal future and should be included in the VEMAS project. It seems to us to be of particular importance because it opens up perspectives for the future that make it possible for the person to see himself as an active, effective subject who shapes his or her own life. With the project goal of "personal and inclusive future planning" it can be explored what someone wants for his or her life, where the person has his or her strengths, how and in what he or she wants to participate. The task of the environment will then be to create ways and possibilities as a circle of supporters, how, i.e. in what concrete way these visions of the future can become reality. The social environment should show perspectives, wishes and dreams, as well as ways and possibilities of implementation.


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