Project objective 5: Interview guide for persons in the wider social environment

The interview guide should guarantee that the perspective and influence of persons from the wider social environment of the people with intellectual disabilities and behavioural problems are also taken into account, such as a bus driver who transports the person on a daily basis and who is confronted with the conspicuous behaviour on the bus ride. This is of particular importance because such persons, who are often initially ignored, sometimes have a decisive influence on the behaviour and everyday life and experience of the person with intellectual disabilities and behavioural abnormalities.

The aim of the conversations guided with the help of the interview-manual is to get to know and document the views of such persons and their perceptions with regard to the behavioral problems that can be observed. Through their narratives, further insights are to be gained and used for understanding the behaviour. Thus, the interview guide for persons in the wider social environment represents a third diagnostic instrument - in addition to the observation and reflection sheets (project objective 2) and the questionnaires (project objective 3).


© Lebenshilfe für Menschen mit geistiger Behinderung Bremen e.V., Illustrator Stefan Albers

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