Seminarvorträge am Forschungsinstitut für Limnologie, Mondsee
Kontakt und Anfahrt

2018 Donnerstag, 16:00 Uhr wenn nicht anders angekündigt

8 Mark Gessner, IGB Berlin (D)   
Tales on ecosystem processes under global change: an experimental perspective on fresh waters
12 Roland Vogt, Universität Innsbruck, ILIM Mondsee (Ö)
Fate and Effect of Wastewater-Borne Manufactured Nanomaterials in Aquatic Ecosystems
26 Daniel Rieser, Universität Innsbruck, ILIM Mondsee (Ö)
Chaos in Coleps? - Morphologic and phylogenetic approaches to identify these common ciliates (MSc Arbeit)
17 Xiaoteng Lu, Universität Innsbruck, ILIM Mondsee (Ö)
Functional Ecology and Biodiversity of Planktonic Ciliates
22 Victoria Bergkemper, Universität Innsbruck, ILIM Mondsee (Ö)
Phytoplankton community responses to short-term meteorological extremes – improved analysis using advanced optical methods   (defensio) 10:30 Uhr
24 Teofana Chonova, INRA Thonon (F)
The influence of hospital wastewater effluents on biofilm development in running  water
7 Verena Kottler, Universität Würzburg (D)
Pigment pattern formation in the Guppy, Poecilia reticulata

Elisabeth Entfellner, Universität Innsbruck, ILIM Mondsee (Ö)
Transposable elements and their role in genome diversification in Planktothrix


Christina Wirth, Universität Innsbruck, ILIM Mondsee (Ö)
Effects of temperature and light on growth of planktonic algae (MSc Arbeit)

28 Tim Sharbel, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon (KAN)
Fixing complex genotypes in plants:  evolutionary approaches to understanding asexual seed formation (apomixis)
5 Julie Blommaert, Universität Innsbruck ILIM, Mondsee (Ö),
Genomic insights into genome size expansion in the Brachionus plicatilis species  complex