The overall research aim of the Research Institute for Limnology, Mondsee is entitled:

"Evolutionary adaptations of aquatic organisms and consequences for ecosystem integrity under anthropogenic pressure and conditions of climate change "

The names of the projects or their leaders -given in brackets- serve as a link to the project pages or personal homepages. In case of fellowships the name of the supervisor is mentioned additionally.

Project list:

Finished projects: since 2008

  • Adaptation of Active Fisheries Methods: Pair trawling (Apr 2009 - Dec 2012) - ILIM, co-operation with Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Hydrobiology, CZ (Wanzenböck)

  • Quantifying Individual Fitness with Trojan Sex Chromosomes: an Ultimate Conservation Tool (Mar 2011 - Dec 2012) - Marsden Fund, NZ (Lamatsch)

  • Development of Educational and Research CAPacity in Eastern Africa for the Sustainable Management of AQUAatic Ecosystems (CAPAQUA) ADA (Oct 2009 - Dec 2012) (Winkler;

  • Time in Microevolution of Microcystin Synthesis, Doc-fFORTE, ÖAW (Apr 2009 - Mar 2012) (Ostermaier, Kurmayer)

  • Patterns and processes of adaptation and tolerance to low pH of freshwater plankton FWF (Jul 2007 - Mar 2011) (Weisse) (Summary and publications)
  • Genotype determined toxin content in cyanobacteria FWF (Jul 2008 - Dec 2011) (Kurmayer)

  • Biogeography and within-taxon ecological differentiation of Polynucleobacter necessarius subsp. Asymbioticus and Limnohabitans planctonicus (Betaproteobacteria) (Jan 2009 - Dec 2010) (Hahn)

  • Changing prospects in eukaryotic microbiology: implications of acclimatization, microevolution and population turnover of microeukaryotes for protist species, population dynamics and diversity estimates FWF (Mar 2007 - Sept 2010) (Boenigk)

  • Diversity and population heterogeneity of chrysomonad flagellates within an alpine gradient FWF (Sept 2009 - Sep 2010) (Boenigk)

  • Conservation of natural biological resources in Austria: Identification of indigenous whitefish species and extent of potential hybridization with a Baltic species FWF (Jan 2006 - Sept 2009) (Wanzenböck)

  • Ecological Diversity of Polynucleobacter Bacteria FWF (Hahn)

  • Exploiting bioactive compounds in cyanobacteria Cyano Biotech GmbH (Dec 2008 - Nov 2009) (Kurmayer)

  • Niche separation and coexistance of chrysophytes in an alpine gradient FWF (2007 - 2009) Abstract-PDF (Boenigk)

  • Reduced plankton diversity in extremely acidic mining lakes ILIMN (Apr 2007 - Jan 2008) (Weisse)

  • Chrysophyte diversity and encystment pattern in alpine lakes:Merging molecular microbiology, recent and palaeoecology in C32# FWF (2005 - 2008) (Boenigk)

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