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Reviewed publications

  •  Christiansen G., Goesmann A., Kurmayer R. (2014). Elucidation of insertion elements encoded on plasmids and in vitro construction of shuttle vectors from the toxic cyanobacterium Planktothrix. Appl Environ Microbiol. 80:16, 4887-4897. doi:10.1128/AEM.01188-14

  • Ficker H., Mazzucco R., Gassner H., Wanzenböck J., Dieckmann, U. (2014). Fish length exclusively determines sexual maturation in European white-fish Coregonus lavaretus (L.) species complex. Journal of Fish Biology 84: 1164-1170, doi:10.1111/jfb.12301
  • Hahn M.W., Schmidt J., Taipale S.J., Doolittle W.F., Koll U. (2014). Rhodoluna lacicola gen. nov., sp. nov., a planktonic freshwater bacterium with stream-lined genome. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol.64: 3254–3263. PDF
  • Kohler, E., Grundler V., Häussinger D., Kurmayer R., Gademann K., Pernthaler J., Blom J. F. (2014). The toxicity and enzyme activity of a chlorine and sulfate containing aeruginosin isolated from a non-microcystin-producing Planktothrix strain. Harmful Algae 39:154-160, doi:
  • Kurmayer R., Blom J., Deng L., Pernthaler J. (2014). Integrating phylogeny, geographic niche partitioning, and secondary metabolite synthesis in bloom-forming Planktothrix. The ISME Journal 9: 909–921, doi:10.1038/ismej.2014.189 PDF
  • Nevalainen L., Ketola M., Korosi J.B., Manca M., Kurmayer R., Koinig K.A., Psenner R., Luoto T.P. (2014). Zooplankton (Cladocera) species turnover and long-term decline of Daphnia in two high mountain lakes in the Austrian Alps. Hydrobiologia 722(1): 75-91. DOI:10.1007/s10750-013-1676-5

  • Niedermeyer T. J., Schmieder P., Kurmayer R. (2014). Isolation of Microcystins from the Cyanobacterium Planktothrix rubescens Strain No80. Natural Products and Bioprospecting: 1-9. DOI 10.1007/s13659-013-0001-3 PDF

  • Routtu  J., Hall D. M., Albere  B., Beisel  C., Bergeron D. R., Chaturvedi  A., Choi  J.-H., Colbourne  J., De Meester  L., Stephens T. M., Stelzer  C.-P., Solorzano  E., Thomas K. W., Pfrender E. M., Ebert  D. (2014). An SNP-based second-generation genetic map of Daphnia magna and its application to QTL analysis of phenotypic traits. BMC Genomics 15: 1033. Doi:10.1186/1471-2164-15-1033

  • Sichrowsky U., Schabetsberger R., Sonntag B., Stoyneva M., Maloney A.E., Nelson D.B., Richey J.N., Sachs J.P. (2014). Limnological characterization of volcanic crater lakes on Uvea Island (Wallis and Futuna, South Pacific). Pacific Science 68: 333-343 doi:10.2984/68.3.3 

  • Stoeck T., Breiner H.-W., Filker S., Ostermaier V., Kammerlander B., Sonntag B. (2014). A morpho-genetic survey on ciliate plankton from a mountain lake pinpoints the necessity of lineage-specific barcode markers in microbial ecology. Environ Microbiol 16:430-444. PDF
  • Straubinger-Gansberger N., Kaggwa M, Schagerl M (2014). Phytoplankton patterns along a series of small man-made reservoirs in Kenya. Environ Monit Assess: 1-14.
  • Taipale S.J., Brett M.T., Hahn M.W., Martin-Creuzburg D., Yeung S., Hiltunen M., Strandberg U., and Kankaala P. (2014). Differing Daphnia magna assimilation efficiencies for terrestrial, bacterial and algal carbon and fatty acids. Ecology 95:563–576. PDF

  • Weisse T. (2014). Ciliates and the Rare Biosphere – Community Ecology and Population Dynamics. J. Eukaryot. Microbiol. 61:419-433 DOI: 10.1111/jeu.12123 (open access,


Books, Conference Proceedings, Reports, Book Reviews, Abstracts, Others

  • Wanzenböck J., Gassner H., Wanzenböck S. (2014). Die Unterwasserwelten der österreichischen Seen - tiefere Einblicke durch moderne Hydroakustik und Sensortechnik und wie sie helfen, den ökologischen Zustand dieser Ökosysteme zu bewerten. Denisia 33, zugleich Kataloge des oberösterreichischen Landesmuseums, Neue Serie 163: 135-146.

  • Wanzenböck J., Kurmayer R. (2014). Radical - Risk Analysis of Direct and Indirect Climate Effects on Deep Austrian Lake Ecosystems. Berichte zur Klimafolgenforschung 2014 - Biodiversität, Broschüre des Austrian Climate Research Programme (ACRP-KLIEN) in Essence, 13-19. PDF

  • Wanzenböck S. (2014). "Mein Mondsee-Schützenswerte Region Mondseeland" Information sheet December 2014 (LEADER-project)

  • Wanzenböck S. (2014). "Mein Mondsee-Schützenswerte Region Mondseeland" Information sheet September 2014 (LEADER-project)

  • Wanzenböck S. (2014). "Mein Mondsee-Schützenswerte Region Mondseeland" Information sheet Mai 2014 (LEADER-project)

  • Wanzenböck S. (2014). "Mein Mondsee-Schützenswerte Region Mondseeland" Information sheet January 2014 (LEADER-project)

  • Weisse T. (2014). Geller, Walter, Schultze, Martin, Kleinmann, Robert and Wolkersdorfer, Christian (eds.), Acidic pit lakes - The legacy of coal and metal surface mines. Limnologica 48:80-81. (book review).


Diploma & Masters Theses

  • Böhm K.M. (2014). Development and evaluation of methods for marking early life stages of coregonids, cyprinids and percids with Alzarin Red S, pp. 24. MSc-thesis, University of Innsbruck, (supervisor: Wanzenböck, J.)

  • Pöll D. (2014). UV photo protective strategies in the heterotrophic ciliate Balanion planctonicum, pp. 41. MSc-thesis, University of Innsbruck, (supervisor: Sonntag, B.)


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