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Reviewed publications

  • Dokulil M.T., Teubner K. (2012). Deep living Planktothrix rubescens modulated by environmental constraints and climate forcing, Hydrobiologia 69829–46, DOI: 10.1007/s10750-012-1020-5.
  • Hahn M.W., Minasyan A., Lang E., Koll U., Spröer C. (2012). Polynucleobacter difficilis sp. nov., a planktonic freshwater bacterium affiliated with subcluster B1 of the genus Polynucleobacter. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 62:376 - 383 doi: 10.1099/ijs.0.031393-0
  • Hahn M.W., Scheuerl T., Jezberová J., Koll U., Jezbera J., Šimek K., Vannini C., Petroni G., Wu Q.L. (2012). The passive yet successful way of planktonic life: Genomic and experimental analysis of the ecology of a free-living Polynucleobacter population. PLoS ONE 7(3): e32772. PDF
  • Jezbera J., Jezberová J., Koll U., Hornak K., Simek K., Hahn M.W. (2012). Contrasting trends in distribution of four major planktonic betaproteobacterial groups along a pH gradient of epilimnia of 72 freshwater habitats. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 81: 467-479.
  • Luoto T.P. (2012). Intra-lake patterns of aquatic insect and mite remains. Journal of Paleolimnology 47(1): 141-157.
  • Luoto T.P. (2012). Spatial uniformity in depth optima of midges: evidence from sedimentary archives of shallow Alpine and boreal lakes. Journal of Limnology 71: 228-232.
  • Meincke L., Copeland A., Lapidus A., Lucas S., Berry K. W., Glavina Del Rio T., Hammon N., Dalin E., Tice H., Pitluck S.,  Richardson P., Bruce D., Goodwin L., Han C., Tapia R., Detter J. C., Schmutz J. , Brettin T., Larimer F., Land M., Hauser L.,  Kyrpides N. C., Ivanova N., Göker M., Woyke T., Wu Q.L., Pöckl M., Hahn M.W., Klenk H.P. (2012). Complete genome sequence of Polynucleobacter necessarius subsp. asymbioticus type strain (QLW-P1DMWA-1T). Standards in Genomic Sciences 6:74-83 PDF
  • Nevalainen L. (2012). Distribution of benthic microcrustaceans along a water depth gradient in an Austrian Alpine lake - Sedimentary evidence for niche separation. Limnologica 42: 65-71.
  • Nevalainen L., Luoto, T.P. (2012). Faunal (Chironomidae, Cladocera) responses to post-Little Ice Age climate warming in the high Austrian Alps. Journal of Paleolimnology 48(4): 711-724. DOI: 10.1007/s10933-012-9640-3.
  • Ostermaier V., Schanz F., Köster O., Kurmayer R. (2012) Stability of toxin gene proportion in red-pigmented populations of the cyanobacterium Planktothrix during 29 years of re-oligotrophication of Lake Zürich. BMC Biology 10:100, doi:10.1186/1741-7007-10-100.
  • Pamminger-Lahnsteiner B., Winkler K., Weiss S., Wanzenböck J. (2012). Does segregated spawning time prevent the introgression of stocked whitefish species into native species? A morphometric and genetic study in Lake Mondsee, Austria. Fundamental and Applied Limnology, Advanc. Limnol. 63: 197-208.
  • Sitoki L., Kurmayer R., Rott E. (2012). Spatial variation of phytoplankton composition, biovolume, and resulting microcystin concentrations in the Nyanza Gulf (Lake Victoria, Kenya). Hydrobiologia 691: 109-122. DOI 10.1007/s10750-012-1062-8 PDF
  • Stelzer C.P. (2012) Population regulation in sexual and asexual rotifers: an eco-evolutionary feedback to population size? Functional Ecology 26: 180–188. PDF
  • Wanzenböck J., Pamminger-Lahnsteiner B., Winkler K., Weiss S. (2012). Experimental evaluation of the spawning periods of whitefish (Coregonus lavaretus complex) in Lake Mondsee, Austria. Fundamental and Applied Limnology, Advanc. Limnol. 63: 89-97.
  • Zhang J., Khan M.R., Tian Y., Li Z., Riss S., He C. (2012). Divergences of MPF2-like MADS-domain proteins have an association with the evolution of the inflated calyx syndrome within Solanaceae. Planta 236(4): 1247-1260. doi:10.1007/s00425-012-1684-0


Books, Conference Proceedings, Reports, Book Reviews, Abstracts, Others

  • Dokulil M.T. (2012). Potamoplankton primary productivity in side-arms, floodplains and major tributaries of the Danube, 39th IAD Conference, August 2012, Szentendre, Hungary, ISBN 978-963-8391-53-7
  • Wanzenböck S. (2012). ForschungsNews Nov 2012


Diploma & Masters Theses

  • Benard M. Simiyu (2012). The concentration of microcystins in Rastineobola argentea in Nyanza Gulf, Lake Victoria, Kenya. UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education, Delft, the Netherlands, 55pp. Supervision: Rainer KurmayerIPGL-programmes.
  • Keil Florian (2012) Comparing two hydroacoustic analysis methods for fish abundance and biomass: Sv/TS scaling vs. fish tracking. Universität Wien, 29pp. Supervision: Josef Wanzenböck
  • Oberlercher Thomas (2012). Electric fishing for broodstock salmonids - effects of electrofishing on reproduction in whitefish (Coregonus renke), 37pp., MSc thesis, University of Salzburg. Supervision: Josef Wanzenböck



  • Schober E. (2012). Diversity in abundance of toxic genotypes in natural populations of cyanobacteria (Planktothrix spp.), University of Vienna, 129 pp., Supervision: Rainer Kurmayer



  • Stelzer C.P. (2012) Evolutionary Ecology of Rotifers. Habilitation Thesis PDF


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