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Reviewed publications

  • Ajith Kumara, P.A.D.; Amarasinghe, U.S.; Schiemer, F.; Winkler, G.; Schabuss, M. (2010): Distribution and Abundance of Unexploited Fish Species in Three Sri Lankan Reservoirs : Distribution and Abundance of Unexploited Fish Species in Three Sri Lankan Reservoirs. Asian Fisheries Science 22, 867-884.
  • Adolfsson, S., Michalakis Y., Paczesniak, D., Bode, S.N.S., Butlin, R.K., Lamatsch, D.K., Martins, M.J.F., Schmit, O., Vandekerkhove, J., Jokela, J. (2010):Evaluation of elevated ploidy and asexual reproduction as alternative explanations for geographic parthenogenesis in Eucypris virens ostracods. Evolution. 64: 986-997. doi:10.1111/j.1558-5646.2009.00872.x PDF.
  • Bode, S.N.S., Adolfsson, S., Lamatsch, D.K., Martins, M.J.F., Schmit, O., Vandekerkhove, J., Mezquita, F., Namiotko, T., Rossetti, G., Schön, I., Butlin, R.K., Martens, K. (2010): Exceptional cryptic diversity and multiple origins of parthenogenesis in a freshwater ostracod. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 54: 542–552. doi:10.1016/j.ympev.2009.08.022 PDF
  • Findenig B.M., Chatzinotas A., Boenigk J. (2010) Taxonomic and ecological characterization of stomatocysts of Spumella-like flagellates (Chrysophyceae). J Phycol 46: 868–881.
  • Hahn, M.W., Lang, E., Brandt, U., Lünsdorf, H., Wu, Q.L., and E. Stackebrandt. (2010): Polynucleobacter cosmopolitanus sp. nov., free-living planktonic bacteria inhabiting freshwater lakes and rivers. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 60: 166-173.
  • Hahn, M.W., Kasalický, V., Jezbera, J.,Brandt, U., Jezberová, J., and Šimek, K. (2010). Limnohabitans curvus gen. nov., sp. nov., a planktonic bacterium isolated from a freshwater lake. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 60: 1358-1365.
  • Huber, K., Weckström, K., Drescher-Schneider, R., Knoll, J., Schmidt, J., Schmidt, R. (2010). Climate changes during the last glacial termination inferred from diatom-based temperatures and pollen in a sediment core from Längsee (Austria). J. Paleolimnol. 43: 131-147.
  • Jezberová, J., Jezbera, J., Brandt, U., Lindström, E.S., Langenheder, S., and Hahn, M.W. (2010). Ubiquity of Polynucleobacter necessarius ssp. asymbioticus in lentic freshwater habitats of a heterogenous 2000 km2 area. Environ. Microbiol. 12 : 658-669.
  • Jost S., Medinger R., Boenigk J. (2010) Cultivation independent species identification of Dinobryon sp. (Chrysophyceae) by means of multiplex single cell PCR (MSC-PCR). J Phycol 46: 901–906.
  • Kasalický, V, Jezbera, J., Šimek, K., and Hahn, M.W. (2010). Limnohabitans planktonicus sp. nov., and Limnohabitans parvus sp. nov., two novel planktonic Betaproteobacteria isolated from a freshwater reservoir and emended description of the genus Limnohabitans. Int. J. Syst. Evol. Microbiol. 60: 2710-2714.
  • Lamatsch, D.K. , Stöck M., Fuchs R., Döbler M.,Wacker R., Parzefall J., Schlupp I., Schartl M. (2010): Morphology, testes development and behaviour of unusual triploid males in microchromosome-carrying clones of Poecilia formosa. Journal of Fish Biology 77: 1459–1487. doi: 10.1111/j.1095-8649.2010.02766.x Abstract
  • Luoto T.P., Kultti S., Nevalainen L. & K. Sarmaja-Korjonen (2010).Temperature and effective moisture variability in southern Finland during the Holocene quantified with midge-based calibration models. Journal of Quaternary Science 25, 1317-1326.
  • Medinger, R., Nolte, V., Pandey, R.V., Jost, S., Ottenwälder, B., Schlötterer, C., Boenigk, J. (2010): Diversity in a hidden world: potential and limitation of next generation sequencing for surveys of molecular diversity of Eukaryotic microorganisms. Mol Ecol. 19: 32-40.
  • Nevalainen L. (2010). Evaluation of microcrustacean (Cladocera, Chydoridae) biodiversity based on sweep net and surface sediment samples. Ecoscience 17, 356-364.
  • Nevalainen L. & T.P. Luoto (2010). Implications for the use of sedimentary invertebrate communities to infer past presence of fish. Knowledge and Management of Aquatic Ecosystems, 396 (05), 1-13.
  • Nolte, V., Pandey, R.V., Jost, S., Medinger, R., Ottenwalder, B., Boenigk, J., Schlotterer, C. (2010). Contrasting seasonal niche separation between rare and abundant taxa conceals the extent of protist diversity. Mol Ecol. 19: 2908-2915.
  • Okello, W; Ostermaier, V; Portmann, C; Gademann, K, and Kurmayer, R. (2010) Spatial isolation favours the divergence in microcystin net production by Microcystis in Ugandan freshwater lakes. Water Research, 44: 2803-2814. PDF
  • Okello, W., Portmann, C., Erhard, M., Gademann, K., Kurmayer, R. (2010) Occurrence of microcystin-producing cyanobacteria in Ugandan freshwater habitats. Environ. Tox. 25: 367-380. PDF
  • Ostermaier, V., and Kurmayer, R. (2010) Application of real-time PCR to estimate toxin production by the cyanobacterium Planktothrix sp. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76:3495-3502. PDF
  • Sandberger, L., Feldhaar, H., Lampert, K.P., Lamatsch, D.K., Rodel, M.O. (2010) Small, specialised and highly mobile? The tree-hole breeding frog, Phrynobatrachus guineensis, lacks fine-scale population structure. African Journal of Herpetology. 59: 79-94. doi: 10.1080/04416651003788619 PDF
  • Šimek, K., Kasalický, V, Horňák, K., Hahn, M.W., and Weinbauer, M.G. (2010). Assessing niche separation among coexisting Limnohabitans strains through interactions with a competitor, viruses, and a bacterivore. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 76: 1406–1416.
  • Šimek, K., Kasalický, V., Jezbera, J., Jezberová, J., Hejzlar, J., and Hahn, M.W. (2010). Broad habitat range of the phylogenetically narrow R-BT065 cluster, representing a core group of the betaproteobacterial genus Limnohabitans. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 76: 631-639.
  • Stelzer, C.P., Schmidt, J., Wiedlroither, A., Riss, S. (2010) Loss of Sexual Reproduction and Dwarfing in a Small Metazoan. PLoS ONE 5(9): e12854. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0012854. PDF
  • Stöck, M., Ustinova, J., Lamatsch, D.K., Schartl, M., Perrin, N., and Moritz, C. (2010) A vertebrate reproductive system involving three ploidy levels: Hybrid origin of triploids in a contact zone of diploid and tetraploid Palearctic green toads (Bufo viridis subgroup). Evolution 64: 944-959. doi: 10.1111/j.1558-5646.2009.00876.x
  • Weithoff, G., Moser, M., Kamjunke, N., Gaedke, U., and Weisse, T. (2010): Lake morphometry and wind exposure may shape the plankton community structure in acidic mining lakes. Limnologica. 40: 161-166.


Books, Conference Proceedings, Reports, Book Reviews, Abstracts, Others

  • Jayavel, S. (2010) Current trends and the future of prokaryotic sRNA identification. Bioinformatics 10-11.
  • Leichtfried, M. (2010) Book Review: Rivers of Europe. K. Tockner, U. Uehlinger and Ch. T. Robinson (editors). ISBN-13: 978-0-12-369449-2. Academic Press – Elsevier, London, UK; Burlington, MA, USA; San Diego, CA, USA., 2009. 700 pp. - J. N. Am. Benthol. Soc., 29 (4): 1527 - 1531.
  • Lotter AF, Pienitz R, Schmidt R. (2010): Diatoms as indicators of environmental change in subarctic and alpine regions, 231-248. In: Smol, JP and Eugene F. Stoermer (eds): The Diatoms: Application for the Environmental and Earth Sciences. Second Edition. Cambridge University Press, ISBN 978-0-521-50996-1, 667 pp.
  • Pamminger-Lahnsteiner, B.; Winkler, K.A. and Wanzenböck, J. (2010): Verschwinden unsere heimischen Reinanken im Mondsee durch den Besatz mit Maränen? Morphologische, genetische und experimentell-ökologische Untersuchungen, Österreichs Fischerei 63 (11/12): 300-311.
  • Weisse, T. (2010). Editorial, Eur. J. Protistol., 46: 253.


Diploma & Masters Theses

  • Laufenstein, N. (2010): Lebenszyklus einer acidophilen Cephalodella-Art in Abhängigkeit von verschiedenen Futterkonzentrationen, pH-Werten und Temperaturen. Masters thesis, Univ. of Salzburg, 83 pp. (supervision: Weisse, T.)
  • Mbonde, Athanasio Stephano (2010) Concentrations of cyanobacteria and microcystins in the near shore waters of Lake Victoria, Tanzania. IHE Delft, 71pp. (supervision: Kurmayer, R.)
  • Schärfl, S. (2010) Euplotes spp. and Polynucleobacter sp. in small running waters - a symbiontic relationship. Masters thesis, Univ. of Salzburg, 77 pp. (supervision: Berninger, U.-G. and Hahn, M.)



  • Jost, S (2010): Molecular tools for protist species discrimination and biodiversity assessment, University Innsbruck, 123 pp. (supervision: Boenigk, J.)
  • Walpola, KHS (2010): Leaf Litter Decomposition and Associated Macroinvertebratesin a tropical stream (Eswathu Oya, Sri Lanka). – University of Innsbruck, 101 pp. (supervision: Leichtfried, M./Füreder, L.)


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