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Strengthening the Strong Program in Cultural Sociology

Victor Lidz

Edited by Helmut Staubmann

ISBN 978-3-903187-36-8
brosch., 34 Seiten
2019, innsbruck university press • iup

Preis: 9,90 Euro

Victor Meyer Lidz is today’s most eminent scholar in the field of action theory in the tradition of the work of Talcott Parsons. His presence at our university as a teacher and collegial research collaborator has significantly contributed to the inter­national visibility and reputation of our Faculty of Social and Political Sciences as a center for social theory. In 2017, he was awarded an honorary doctorate of our university. The volume contains the speech he delivered, the laudatio held by
Prof. Jeremy Tanner, University College London, and a comprehensive bibliography of the publications of Victor M. Lidz.

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