Intergenerational Relations, Educational Research and Youth Studies

This research and teaching unit examines intergenerational relationships and education and learning processes in a life course perspective.

Intergenerational Relationships in Family, School and Society

Intergenerational relationships are discussed both in the context of pedagogical relationships (e.g. within the family and at school) as well as in the context of social generations or age cohorts in society at large. Pedagogical relations are viewed as important learning contexts and are investigated with regard to their potential for education, but also with regard to their risks to individual development and the reproduction of social inequalities. The relationships between social generations are analyzed and historical changes in the field of education and learning are researched.

Education and Social Participation in Adolescence and Young Adulthood

A special focus of the research and teaching unit is put on the development in adolescence and young adulthood. In this life phase education and the development of identity and social relations are of particular importance especially with a view to the way young people handle individual and social challenges (e.g. the environmental crisis). A main question of the research and teaching unit in this realm is how young people’s agency and social participation can be promoted through educational processes and (social) pedagogical measures.



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