Youth in Times of Crisis

Austrian Youth Research Conference

June 22 to 24, 2023, University of Innsbruck

 The conference is organised by the research and teaching unit on “Intergenerational Research, Educational Research and Youth Studies”, together with the research centre “Education, Generation, Life Course”, the Institute of Education and the “Austrian Network on Youth Research”.

The focus of the conference lies on the current health, environmental, and social crises (pandemic, climate change, war in Ukraine) and their effects on adolescents and on youth as a generation. The conference addresses issues of adolescents’ agency in times of crisis, the significance of youth as an “engine” for social transformation, the overcoming of personal challenges and crises in adolescence, as well as (social) pedagogical measures for empowering adolescents and young adults.

The conference wants to provide a platform for the presentation and visibility of the diverse activities in current research on adolescence and contribute to connecting research on adolescence in Austria and internationally by integrating various topics, disciplines and methodological approaches.

In addition to contributions from academia, youth work and youth welfare organizations, contributions by young people are also planned.

The conference intends to support a sustainable dialogue between research, adolescents, youth work and youth policy and develop shared perspectives for research on adolescence and young adulthood.

Interested persons are welcome to contact the members of the research and teaching unit.

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