Teaching and Learning

The research and teaching unit on “Intergenerational Research, Educational Research and Youth Studies” critically examines the closely associated themes of generation, education, and development in adolescence and young adulthood from a range of theoretical approaches and using a variety of research methods.

The following themes are addressed in the courses, seminars and research workshops:

  • Living conditions of different generations and relationships between social generations (generations in the sense of age cohorts)
  • Historical changes in family and partnerships and in the field of education and learning
  • Socialisation, education and learning in the family and in school
  • Pedagogical relations and intergenerational exchanges in families
  • Intergenerational transmission of education and parenting
  • Learning in adolescence and young adulthood in various contexts
  • Development of social relationships throughout life
  • Agency and social participation in adolescence and young adulthood
  • Teaching and (lifelong) learning in the knowledge society
  • Democracy education, peace, and environmental education
  • Professional practice in educational contexts such as in school, youth education and training programmes, and child and youth welfare
  • Research methods in generational, educational and youth research

In the bachelor’s degree programme, the course contents of the research and teaching unit are offered in Modules 6, 8, 16, 20, and 21. Furthermore, in Module 18 corresponding seminars can be concluded with a bachelor’s thesis.

In the master’s degree programme, the course contents of the research and teaching unit can be found in Elective Module 5. A master’s thesis can be written in the Mandatory Module 5.

For advanced students in the bachelor’s master’s and PhD programmes, there is also the possibility to participate in the Innsbruck Summer Seminar on Methods in Empirical Social and Educational Research („Innsbrucker Summer Seminar zu Methoden der empirischen Sozial- und Bildungsforschung“) held by the research and teaching unit annually at the University of Innsbruck in conjunction with the research centre “Education, Generation, Life Course”.

More information can be found in the course catalogue and the curricula for the degree programme Educational Sciences (bachelor’s degree and master’s degree) at the Faculty for Educational Sciences of the University of Innsbruck.

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