About the Institute

IBAWorldwide, the segment of the population aged 60 or over is increasing rapidly. In the year 2006, in Austria, more than one-fifth of our population has been over 60 years of age. In 2030 this segment will amount to one third. These senior citizens will place an enormous personal and socioeconomic burden on their families and on our society unless we act quickly to develop better prevention and treatment programs for many of the physical and mental ailments associated with old age. The goal of biomedical research on aging is to help people grow old with dignity and in good health.

The IBA has the following specific research goals:

(a) to study aging processes at the molecular, cellular, and organismic level in order better to understand age-related changes and impairments;

(b) to define measures to postpone/prevent age-related problems to improve the quality of life in old age.

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