Hildegard Mack was a group leader from  October 2015 until April 2019. Her topic was the regulation and function of the conserved longevity-promoting transcription factor DAF-16/FOXO in different lifespan-extending signaling pathways in the nematode C. elegans. She is now working as a Senior Scientist for NanoTemper Technologies in Munich.


Berufstitel Univ_Prof_Lepperdinger

Günter Lepperdinger was a group leader from June 2002 until February 2015. His topic was Mesenchymal Stem Cells  and Aging. He moved to the University of Salzburg, where he now holds a full professorship at the faculty of Biology (see his homepage there:



Berger Peter

Peter Berger (*16.09.1951 Kreuz_ 21.05.2017) was a group leader from January 1992 until April 2016. His topic was Endocrinology. His focus HCG and the aging prostate. He has retired on April 30th 2016.




Sebastian Ernst, MSc

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