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The Unit of Timber Engineering covers university education in the fields of building construction, timber engineering, sound insulation, ...

within the following degree programmes:

as well as the


Our teaching aims to support students in developing into qualified and responsible professionals. To this end, we strive to pair the imparting of specialist knowledge with the acquisition of practical skills and experience. With a view to future requirements, our education of prospective engineers takes place at an international level. The central content of teaching is the description of processes with methods and models from the field of engineering. By imparting both theoretical basics and application-oriented problems, the students obtain tools to independently grasp, analyze and solve complex problems. The teaching is based - as far as possible - on current research in order to ensure high quality standards. As part of their bachelor and master theses students are involved in current research projects.

The Unit of Timber Engineering supervises a large number of courses (on average more than 14 courses per year) in the fields of architecture, civil and environmental engineering, both in the bachelor's degree as well as in the master's degree and doctorate.

Due to the large number of courses offered, we would like to refer you to the course catalogue of the University of Innsbruck:


Course catalog of the University of Innsbruck


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