Mission statement - Unit of Timber Engineering

Our benefit for the university and the society

  • Increaseknowledge and awareness on the subject of wood for students, economy and politics.
  • Use of wood as a sustainable, locally available building material.
  • Technologies and concepts that contribute to climate protection.

Our mission as a unit

Conveying knowledge via teachings and research in the fields that we represent in degree programmes and continuing education.

  • We develop, present and discuss new findings on future-oriented technologies:
    • in timber engineering
    • in sound and fire protection
    • in quaility assurance
  • We are competent and independent contacts for politics, economy and society for timber construction related topics.
  • We aquire funding for R&D projects with industry and research partners and create new jobs.

Identity to the outside world

Students and clients appreciate our:

  • Professional cometence
  • Curiosity, creativity and commitment
  • Confidentiality
  • Result orientation
  • Adherence to schedules

Research intitutions experience us as:

  • Team of independent scientists focusing on engineering and building physics issues in timber construction
  • Link between science and practice
  • Partner in an international environment
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