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New constitutive model of barodesy

The new constitutive model of barodesy, that has been launched in Innsbruck by em. Prof. Kolymbas, is being further investigated with the aim of introducing a more realistic approach to the critical void ratio. This notion is crucial for every constitutive relation for soils. The generally accepted concept is that the critical void ratio is stress dependent in the sense that it is a function of mean stress. The current research of em. Prof. Kolymbas aims at introducing an evolution equation for the critical void ratio. The so far obtained simulation results are promising.

Barodesy is a constitutive model for granular materials. The model captures barotropy, pyknotropy and comprises concepts from Critical State Soil Mechanics as a stress-dilatancy relation and a stress dependent Cricital State Line

As the stress rate is formulated as a function of current stress and void ratio, it has certain  similarities to Hypoplasticity. Barodesy was introduced in 2009 by Kolymbas and since then further developed, improved and applied.

Current research project (2017-2121, Austrian Science Fund (FWF) Project P 28934-N32): Reloading in Barodesy

researchers involved: D. Kolymbas, W. Fellin, G. MedicusM. Bode

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