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The research profile of the Faculty is governed by the individual spheres of activity in the field of teacher training. It covers a broad range of research topics in the field of educational science, including fields such as learning, teacher training, policy and systems control, from the acquisition of (foreign) languages to test-based foreign language teaching, from current socio-scientific and technical developments in the MINT subjects to research activities in the humanities and interfaith fields.

Specialist topics are taken from the fields of teacher training and classroom teaching and are dealt with from an empirical perspective – with some receiving outside sponsoring or funding. Despite the diversity of the projects, the overall focus on applied research seeks to contribute to the profile in order to fulfil the commitment to a research-oriented teaching programme. It attempts, on the one hand, to place publications in high-end national and international specialist journals and, on the other, to encourage the sharing of knowledge with the world of pedagogic practice via appropriate publications and lectures. In addition, it seeks to create a "research-oriented attitude" on the part of the students. Research-based development projects have helped the Faculty to gain national and international visibility, which is primarily intended to promote system development. Some examples of this are the implementation of the reform of the partly standardised Austrian school-leaving examination (SRDP) in the field of foreign languages, the Leadership Academy for the Austria-wide professionalisation of management personnel and the interfaith approaches to religious education and didactics.

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