KROnline _ Call for submissions and further information

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to take this opportunity to advertise the KROnline seminar series and invite submissions for oral and poster presentations. In order to get this initiative moving, the submission deadline is rather soon (Nov. 23rd), so if you wish to take part, please see below. This will be a community effort and relies on your participation to be successful, so please join us in this endeavour. 

KROnline is an online seminar series, which aims to bridge the gap in sharing research within our community whilst we wait for an opportunity to host KR9 in Innsbruck, Austria, in a physical format. Please note, it is not intended as a replacement for the physical conference and as such we cannot accommodate all the normal activities one would find at a conference (e.g. workshops, coffee breaks etc).
Following our community survey, for which results are available here (, we have developed the following concept for December, 2020-March, 2021, for KROnline. We will reassess after this time, and may choose to continue.

KROnline will take place as follows. The time changes with each session to allow for participation from different time zones (hopefully we have calculated this correctly, GMT/UTC should be considered the correct time). We would like to thank everyone who has volunteered to chair a session.

Session 1: Wed. 16th December, 2020, convened by Sebastian Breitenbach (Northumbria, UK), Sarah Truebe (Arizona, US), and Gina Moseley (Innsbruck, AT; KROnline host). (Note:  it is difficult to avoid AGU because it runs from 1-17th Dec., however, we have tried to schedule this so that it avoids major sessions of interest)

Open Topic: all topics of relevance to climate change from karst records are welcome.
Local Time: PST (0700-0900) / MST (0800-1000) / CST (0900-1100) / EST (1000-1200) / BRT (1200-1400) / GMT_UTC (1500-1700) / CET (1600-1800) / EET (1700-1900) / China_AWST (2300_0100+1)

Session 2: Thurs. 21st January, 2021, convened by Barbara Wortham (Texas, US), Chris Wood (Waikato, NZ) and Kathleen Wendt (Oregon, US; KROnline host).

Open Topic: all topics of relevance to climate change from karst records are welcome.

Local Time: China_AWST (0600_0800) / AEST (0800_1000) / NZST (1000_1200) / PST (1400-1600) / MST (1500-1700) / CST (1600-1800) / EST (1700-1900) / BRT (1900-2100) / GMT_UTC (2200-2400) CET (2300-0100+1)

Session 3:  Mon. 22nd February, 2021,  convened by Maria Belén Muñoz-García (Madrid, ES), Haiwei Zhang (Xi'an, CN), Kale Sniderman (Melbourne, AU), and Stacy Carolin (Cambridge, UK; KROnline host).

Topic: Speleothem paleoclimate records from mid-to-low latitudes
Local Time: GMT_UTC (0800-1000) / CET (0900-1100) / EET (1000-1200) / China_AWST (1600_1800) / AEST (1800_2000) / NZST (2000_2200)

Session 4: Thurs. 11th March, 2021, convened by Kathleen Johnson (Irvine, US), Andrea Columbu (Bologna, IT) and Gabriella Koltai (Innsbruck, AT; KROnline host).

Open Topic: all topics of relevance to climate change from karst records are welcome.
Local Time: NZST (0600_0800) / PST (1000-1200) / MST (1100-1300) / CST (1200-1400) / EST (1300-1500) / BRT (1500-1700) / GMT_UTC (1800-2000) / CET (1900-2100) / EET (2000-2200)

Each 2-hour session will hopefully run smoothly by the following schedule:
  • 0-5 mins: intro, late comers
  • 5-20 mins: talk 1, 15 mins plus 5 mins Qs
  • 20-40 mins: talk 2, 15 mins plus 5 mins Qs
  • 40-60 mins: talk 3, 15 mins plus 5 mins Qs
  • 60-80 mins: talk 4, 15 mins plus 5 mins Qs
  • 80-90 mins: wrap up, remaining Qs
  • 90-120 mins: posters in breakout rooms, plus options for social breakout rooms and continued discussion from oral presentations if desired.
Next steps and further information

  • We appreciate that this is short notice, but it is to enable December presenters enough time for preparation. If you have difficulties to submit by Nov. 23rd, then please write to and we will take this into consideration with the planning.
  • For ease, we only ask for a title at this stage, but request a short abstract (max. 200 words) one week before your presentation.
  • Presentations cans be either oral or poster, however, there are only four oral slots per session so your requested presentation-type may change.
  • Please indicate all the sessions that you are available for, in order of preference. This allows us flexibility with planning the programme and makes it more likely that you will get an oral slot if desired.
  • Posters should be made available one week before the session so that people have time to view them in advance. During the session, poster presenters will enter their own breakout rooms in which people can visit to ask questions.
  • The meetings will likely take place on Zoom but this is to be confirmed.
  • Recording of presentations will be at the discretion of the presenter.

Thank you in advance,

We look forward to receiving your submissions and support,

Kind regards,
Gina Moseley, Stacy Carolin, Gabriella Koltai, Kathleen Wendt (KROnline hosts)
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