Air Travel

Innsbruck airport is well-connected to Frankfurt and Vienna with four direct flights per day. Several flights per week also operate between London Gatwick and Innsbruck.

Munich, Zurich, Salzburg and Venice also have major airports and connect to Innsbruck with direct rail links from the city.

A mini-bus shuttle service operates between Innsbruck and Munich, Memmingen, Zurich and Salzburg airports.

For those on a tighter budget, a bus service operates between Innsbruck and Munich airport.

Important information when travelling by air

Innsbruck airport does not open until 5am, so if you have one of the first flights of the day, do not arrive too early.

When travelling via Frankfurt on the return journey, leave sufficient time for the transfer. Often passengers are required to take a shuttle bus from the plane to the terminal, and this can take upto 20 minutes from landing. A shuttle bus is sometimes also needed in Vienna, but the airport is not so large and this does not usually take as long as in Frankfurt.

Rail Travel

Rail tickets may be bought in advance from the website of the Austrian Federal Railway. Cheaper tickets known as 'sparschiene' are available, but note that these are only valid on the specific train that is booked and are non-transferable. 'Standard' tickets are more flexible and are valid for two days.

Car Travel

Important information when travelling by car 

If you intend to use the highway whilst in Austria, make sure you properly display an in-date vignette in the windscreen of your car. For further details see here. Fines for not doing so are a minimum of 120 EUR.

Getting Aroung Innsbruck

Innsbruck has a very good bus and tram service. Further details can be found here.

Many people also travel by foot or by bike. Bikes can be rented from a number of outlets as well as at hop-on hop-off stations around the city.

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