Progress of Implementation

The reform of the academic structure as well as the growing number of students pose great challenges for the University of Innsbruck. Like other universities too, the University of Innsbruck is forced to implement this academic reform with limited resources.

Academic structure


  • Creation of a system of easily understandable and comparable degrees
  • Transparency
  • Introduction of an academic system based on two tiers

The structural adaptation according to Bologna requirements can be considered to be widely completed at the University of Innsbruck.

Diploma Supplement


  • Comparability
  • Transparency

The template for the Diploma Supplement was prepared by the European Commission, the Council of Europe and UNESCO/CEPES. It was thought to provide sufficient data, that would improve international transparency and the appropriate academic and vocational recognition of qualifications. The Diploma Supplement describes characteristics, level, contents as well as type of degree of a study programme that the student completed. The original certificate has to be attached to the Diploma Supplement.

With the receipt of the Diploma Supplement Label the University of Innsbruck completed another step towards more transparency and comparability. As part of the efforts concerning the label other structural problems were identified and strategic solutions were initiated.

European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS)


  • Introduction of ECTS-Credits
  • Modularisation
  • International competitiveness and attractiveness



  • Promotion of Mobility
  • Promotion of a European dimension in the higher education area

One of the main goals of the Bologna-process is the promotion of mobility. The credit system in conjunction with descriptions of learning outcomes presents an appropriate instrument for the promotion of student mobility. More detailed information concerning student mobility can be found on the websites of the International Relation Office.

The recognition of ECTS credits as part of joint studies and study programmes is formalized in the relevant curricula. Agreements are dispensable with joint studies or study programmes, since ECTS credits earned at the partner-institution are automatically recognized if the conditions and rules of the study programmes were complied with.

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