Contesting counterterrorism
(Credit: Andreas Hausberger, Josef Herzog)


Why do some states rely on a lot of surveillance and similar measures that restrict civil liberties in the fight against terrorism, while others do not? In the course of this research, the public discourse on counter-terrorism in Austria was recorded and presented with the help of computer-aided graphics.

For about one and a half years all the relevant contributions of various protagonists in traditional Austrian media were recorded and graphics were created to make the discourse comprehensible. Same opinions of different players and parties can be found, as well as the political surplus for these very protagonists. Through visualisation, abstract topics such as "ideology" or "ownership" become openly accessible not only to academics but also to all politically interested parties.

The installation splits up the different layers and at the same time enables an overall view.

Research project

„Contesting Counterterrorism“, Franz Eder, Department of Political Science (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences)

This micro exhibition is part of the 350th anniversary of the University of Innsbruck.


Andreas Hausberger, Josef Herzog, Institute of Design (Faculty of Architecture)

Project members

Kassian Lanz

(Credits: Veronika Schaffer)

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