Exchange Phone Book


The telephones use central phone books: The data are synchronized with your personal contact data of the central Exchange server. This synchronisation runs every 4 hours and overwrites your local phone book.

Please note that the local phone book is also overwritten if your central phone book is empty or not configured.


Synchronisation is disabled by default. To activate it, you have to enable the synchronisation in your settings and add the appropriate permissions on the Exchange server to enable the phone system to access your contacts.

Exchange Configuration

To enable the access of your contact data, please start Outlook and open your contact. In the upper left you find "My contact" and with it the entry "Contacts". Right-click on it and choose "Properties".

Kontakte Einstellungen

The properties of your contacts are opened. Choose the permissions tab, select "Add" and the add the user  "Telefonie Exchange Synchronisation". This user needs to have read permissions as shown below.

Kontakte Einstellungen

Phone Administration

To add the second part of the configuration, start the phone administration web interface: and choose Settings. Open the section "More" and activate the setting for the Exchange address book synchronisation.

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