Ringvorlesung: "Translation und Kognition, Translation und Korpora"

Institut für Translationswissenschaft  -  Wintersemester 2022/23

Zeit: Donnerstag, 15.30 – 17.00 Uhr     

Organisation: Aleksandar Trklja


  • 13.10.22 Aleksandar Trklja (Institut für Translationswissenschaft), in Präsenz


           Ort: INTRAWI, Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 15, SR 2 - 3. Obergeschoss 


  • 20.10.22 Sandra L. Halverson (Universität Agder), online (BigBlueButton)

          (Cognitive) linguistic theory in Translation Studies

          LINK: (Cognitive) linguistic theory in Translation Studies -Sandra Halverson

          Prof. Sandra L. Halverson 

Sandra L. Halverson is currently employed at Agder University. Her research interests include the integration of insights from Cognitive Linguistics into Translation Studies, the epistemology of Translation Studies and research methodology. Professor Halverson served as co-editor of Target for a period of eight years and currently serves on the editorial boards of several TIS journals. She is a member of several research networks and was appointed CETRA Chair Professor for 2018.


  • 27.10.22 Adolfo M. García (Universität San Andrés, Argentina), online (BigBlueButton)

          Crossing languages in the brain

          LINK: Crossing languages in the brain - Adolfo M. García

          Adolfo M. García 

Adolfo García, Ph.D., specializes in the neuroscience of language and communication. He serves as Director of the Cognitive Neuroscience Center (Universidad de San Andrés, Argentina), Senior Atlantic Fellow at the Global Brain Health Institute (University of California, San Francisco), Associate Researcher at Universidad de Santiago de Chile, Adjunct Researcher at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (Argentina), and President of the “Translation, Research, Empiricism, Cognition” (TREC) Network. He now leads research projects in over ten countries across the globe. He has more than 200 publications, including books, chapters, and papers in leading journals, mainly focused on neurolinguistics and bilingualism. 


  • 10.11.22 Hanna Risku (Universität Wien), in Präsenz

          Übersetzerische Expertise aus der Sicht von Arbeitgeber*innen: Einstellungsprozesse und -kriterien

          Ort: INTRAWI, Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 15, SR 2 - 3. Obergeschoss 

          Hanna Risku 

Hanna Risku is professor for translation studies at the Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna in Austria. Her previous positions include professor for translation studies at the University of Graz, professor for applied cognitive science and technical communication, head of the Department for Knowledge and Communication Management and vice rector at the Danube University Krems, guest professor at the University of Aarhus, Denmark, and lecturer at different universities in Austria, Finland and Sweden. Her research areas include cognitive scientific foundations of translation, situated cognition, cognitive ethnography, translation workplace and network research, and translation expertise.


  • 17.11.22 Agnieszka Chmiel (Adam-Mickiewicz-Universität Posen), online (BigBlueButton)

          What the interpreter does with a million, or about lexical processing in simultaneous interpreting

         LINK: What the interpreter does with a million, or about lexical processing in simultaneous interpreting - Agnieszka  Chmie

          Agnieszka Chmiel 

Agnieszka Chmiel is University Professor and Head of the Department of Translation Studies at the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. Her research interests include conference interpreting, audio description and audiovisual translation. She works as an interpreter and translator and has trained conference interpreters at AMU. She has participated in many national and international research projects on conference interpreter training, audio description and respeaking. She is also Associate Editor of TARGET International Journal of Translation Studies. She currently leads an interdisciplinary research team that examines bilingual control mechanisms in conference interpreting and develops PINC, the Polish Interpreting Corpus. She is also a co-investigator in the AIIC-funded project on the impact of remote interpreting settings on interpreter experience and performance.


  • 01.12.22 Fernando Prieto Ramos (Universität Genf), in Präsenz,       

         Tailoring corpus design and analysis to research needs in Translation Studies: The case of the LETRINT project

        Ort: INTRAWI, Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 15, SR 2 - 3. Obergeschoss 

          Fernando Prieto Ramos 

Fernando Prieto Ramos is Full Professor and Director of the Centre for Legal and Institutional Translation Studies (Transius) at the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Translation and Interpreting. His work focuses on interdisciplinary approaches and quality assurance in legal and institutional translation in particular. He has published widely, and received several academic awards, including an International Geneva Award from the Swiss Network for International Studies and a Consolidator Grant for his project on “Legal Translation in International Institutional Settings” (LETRINT). He is a former member of the Centre for Translation and Textual Studies at Dublin City University, and has translated for various institutions since 1997, including five years of in-house service at the World Trade Organization.


  • 15.12.22 Marina Bondi (Universität Modena), online

         Cross-cultural studies and comparable corpora: exploring CSR reports

         Ort: INTRAWI, Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 15, SR 2 - 3. Obergeschoss 


          Marina Bondi 

Marina Bondi is Professor of English Linguistics at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, where she is coordinator of the PhD programme in Human Sciences. Founding Director of the CLAVIER centre (Corpus and LAnguage Variation In English Research), she has published extensively in the field of genre analysis, EAP and corpus linguistics, with a focus on argumentative dialogue and language variation across genres, disciplines and cultures. Her recent interest centres on knowledge dissemination and the impact of digital media on specialized discourse. She currently coordinates the Modena Unit of a national project on Communicating Transparency: New trends in English-language corporate and institutional disclosure practices in intercultural settings.


  • 12.01.23 Patricia Rodríguez (Universität Autònoma de Barcelona), online (BigBlueButton)

         What can corpora tell us about translation competence and its acquisition? Applications in translator education

         LINK: What can corpora tell us about translation competence and its acquisition? - Patricia Rodríguez

         Patricia Rodríguez-Inés

Patricia Rodríguez-Inés, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Translation, Interpreting and East Asian Studies of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Her research interests include translator training; corpus linguistics applied to translation; and translation competence, its acquisition and its levels. Her doctoral thesis on developing competence in the use of electronic corpora for translator training earned several recognitions. She has been a member of the PACTE research group and chair of the TREC researcher network. She has participated in 20 regional, national and international funded projects and is the author of over 50 publications about translator training, corpora and translation competence. She is the principal investigator of the FORTI (Translator and Interpreter Training) group and currently co-coordinates the European project EFFORT (Towards a European framework of reference for Translation).


  • 19.01.23 Benet Vincent (Universität Coventry), online  (BigBlueButton)

         A Clockwork Orange & Nadsat; investigating invented languages in translation

         LINK: A Clockwork Orange & Nadsat; investigating invented languages in translation - Benet Vincent

  Benet Vincent

Benet Vincent works as Assistant Professor in Applied Linguistics at Coventry University. His research primarily focuses on the application of corpus linguistics in a range of areas including academic writing, phraseology, pragmatics, literary translation and stylistics. He leads the BAWE Quicklinks and A Clockwork Orange Parallel Translation projects and coordinates the Corpus Linguistics at Coventry (CLaC) research group. He has published in a range of journals including the Journal of English for Academic Purposes (JEAP), Language and Literature and Meta Translators’ Journal as well as in edited collections. This talk will look at the work of the A Clockwork Orange Parallel Translation project on how exploring translations of an invented language help us understand translation strategies.  


  • 26.01.23 Mikhail Mikhailov (Universität Tampere), in Präsenz

         Translation equivalents from parallel corpora

         Ort: INTRAWI, Herzog-Siegmund-Ufer 15, SR 2 - 3. Obergeschoss 

  Mikhail Mikhailov

Mikhail Mikhailov is Professor of Translation Studies (Finnish and Russian) at the Tampere University, Finland. He is one of the authors of the book "Corpus Linguistics for Translation and Contrastive Studies" (Routledge 2016). He compiles multilingual corpora and develops web-based corpus software. His research covers corpus-based translation studies with a particular focus on parallel and comparable corpora, terminology studies, and translation technologies.

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