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Teaching Mobility at the INTRAWI

The INTRAWI has Erasmus+ agreements with numerous partner institutions and also offers teaching mobilities for many of them. This kind of international cooperation is supported by the European Commission and is very important for our department because it serves the internationalisation of our members on site, creates the possibility to learn from each other and enhances our range of courses. We are looking forward to getting to know people from our partner universities!

Are you interested in a teaching mobility in Innsbruck?

If you are interested in a short-term teaching visit at the INTRAWI, please get in touch with the responsible Departmental Coordinator at your home university. He or she can tell you if there is an Erasmus+ agreement including teaching mobility with our department. If yes, your coordinator will give you the name of your contact person at the INTRAWI, who you can get in touch with to agree on and plan your mobility. You can also find the names of the persons responsible for you in the list at the end of this page. Directly getting in touch with one of the contacts below does not mean you do not have to apply for your teaching mobility via the mobility coordinator or, respectively, the office for international relations at your home university. 

When is the best time to come to Innsbruck?

Please understand that we can only plan teaching mobilities during our normal lecture periods; a teaching mobility in a lecture-free period is not possible in our department. This is because the minimum of 8 hours of teaching, which should be performed during the teaching visit, have to be integrated in normal teaching activities. On our website you can find the most important dates of our academic year. Please consider that the many exams taking place in January and June might sometimes make the organization of teaching mobilities during these months more difficult. Detailed agreements on appointments can be further discussed with our Departmental Coordinators; the same is the case for planning your teaching contents in Innsbruck.

When do I have to start planning for my teaching mobility?

From our side, you do not have to meet certain deadlines for the planning of your teaching mobility here in Innsbruck. However, we would be happy if you could give us early notice: The earlier you get in touch with us, the more we can help you to plan your mobility. Important: In principal, we have teaching mobility agreements with most of our partner institutions, which allows us to carry out one teaching mobility per academic year. If your home university wants to finance mobilities for two or more persons, please do not hesitate to ask us nonetheless; we will then check our capacities and will tell you as soon as possible if we can confirm both/all mobilities or not. Should we get several requests from your university for the same time period and should your home university be only able to finance one mobility, we would kindly ask you to agree internally on who of the colleagues gets the opportunity of a teaching mobility. Should your request however refer to a period regarding which we have already confirmed incoming mobilities, we will – depending on our reception capacities - try to eventually suggest an alternative date for your visit and in this regard thank you for understanding in advance.

What else is to bear in mind?

For further information, please have a look at the information about teaching mobilities available at your home university containing all provisions and guidelines you have to comply with, since your home university is exclusively responsible for handling the funding of your travel and accommodation costs. Our Departmental Coordinators will of course sign your mobility agreements, the confirmation of your visit and so on.


We are already looking forward to welcoming you at the INTRAWI and are happy to answer any questions. Please get in touch with the Departmental Coordinator responsible for your home university:

Baltic states:
Cornelia Feyrer

Antwerp: Cornelia Feyrer
Mons, Bruxelles, Liège: Ludovic Milot

Aleksandar Trklja

Martina Mayer

Cornelia Feyrer

Marco Agnetta




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